Lab Notes

Project TRUE Executive Summary

Background - Project CSW: the parent organization of Project TRUE

Several years ago, a group of polar explorers discovered the frozen remains of a number of ancient creatures previously unknown to our science (see attachment 'a'). Extensive testing eventually revealed two important facts: First, that these creatures did not originate on our world. And second, that wherever these creatures had come from, others would eventually follow them.

At the time, the decision was made to conceal these discoveries from the public at large. Instead, select groups of scientists and politicians from all of our world's major countries were secretly contacted and informed of the situation. A multinational cooperative formed in secret, seeking ways to defend our world before the inevitable invasion.

One of the scientists who founded the original group referred to it as 'The Conspiracy to Save the World.' This nickname achieved common parlance among the technical staff, and was rapidly shortened into an acronym. This was rapidly adopted by the technical staff in each of the member countries, and became the source for the official name 'Project CSW.'

Technology - the Worldspan Energy Field

Possibly the greatest early success of Project CSW was the discovery of what has become known as the 'Worldspan' energy field, and the development of field generators (See attachment 'b'). At first it was assumed that the field enabled instantaneous travel to other planets within our universe. Eventually, it was determined that Project CSW had actually established contact with entirely alien universes.

A sub-section of the members of Project CSW were charged with the duty of trans-universal exploration: discovering, cataloging and exploring these new universes in the hopes that somewhere, something could be found to help combat the alien threat. This sub-section was given the name 'Project TRUE'.