Lab Notes

Lieutenant Harith Al-Moyad

Lieutenant Al-Moyad

An amateur musician, astronomer and skilled linguist, Al-Moyad was recruited by the Conspiracy to Save the World in the hopes that his connections and correspondence with astronomy enthusiasts around the world might give some advanced warning of any invasion. His gift for languages won him a place on Project-TRUE's lead exploration team, where he quickly achieved the rank of Lieutenant.

Although his career prospered, Al-Moyad began to suffer a crisis of faith. He had managed to resolve any conflicts between his deep religious convictions and his scientific background. He had thought he had accepted the idea of an infinite creation, but when confronted with the possibility of an infinity of infinite creations, his internal struggle resumed.

This became even more of a problem as many places were discovered which contained nothing even remotely approximating the teachings in his belief system. As far as he was concerned, spiritual enlightenment was achieved by following the laws and strictures laid down by a benevolent creator through the words of the prophets. How could a benevolent creator not send his prophets to the people of these other worlds?

During his off-duty rotations on Homeworld, Al-Moyad's search for spirituality led him to meet with more and more unusual and obscure groups. At first, he was able to maintain his old scientific detachment, and became something of an expert on fringe groups and cults. Eventually though, he fell prey to his own doubts about the nature of reality. He suffered a mental breakdown and was placed on supervised medical leave.

Unfortunately, while on a doctor recommended trip to a classical music concert, Lt. Al-Moyad managed to evade his medical handlers, and vanished. Rumors placed him in the company of a particularly strange and nihilistic cult. For several months, agents of the CSW attempted to track him down, but the closest they ever got was a hastily abandoned apartment containing a partial translation of an old text written by someone named "Abdul Alhazred".