Lab Notes

General Cyrus Teed - CIC Refuge Base

When the crisis struck homeworld, it was sudden and unexpected. Very few people were able to evacuate. Many veterans of Project TRUE remained behind to direct a defense of the gate terminal, and very few members of any country's command staff were evacuated at all. Once the initial crisis was over, it was discovered that no one above the rank of Colonel had survived the attack. Rather than try to function with this vacuum in the command structure, a council of officers reviewed all available personnel and voted on their best choices based on administrative ability, tactical knowledge and diplomatic acumen. Their choice was Coast Guard Leftenant Cyrus Teed.

Teed had distinguished himself in service with the Coast Guard icebreaker fleet. In that capacity, he had worked with ships and captains from nearly every seafaring nation, saving lives and protecting property. His elevation to the rank of General was met, at first, with some trepidation. This has subsided in the face of his extraordinary administrative ability. Under his watch, Refuge Base has become almost totally self-sufficient. In addition, he has maintained solid relations with both his off world allies and the new civilian population of the base.

The General is a strict but fair commander with a solid understanding of his troops strengths and weaknesses. He expects obedience, but he is flexible enough to take advice, especially from people who have proven they can be trusted. He is very much aware that the people under his command will likely never be able to return to their homes. They are the seeds of whatever new civilization will arise, and he will not permit any missions or experiments which might place them at unnecessary risk.