Lab Notes

Professor Tyler Ostium

Professor Tyler Ostium's father was the famous Professor Montague Ostium, a pioneering researcher in Phlogiston Dynamics at Braun University. Upon his father's death, Tyler inherited enough money to complete his education and enter academia on his own. In order to avoid confusion among his peers, Tyler goes by his first name. Pretty much his entire life has been spent in research, up until the beginning of the Crisis.

After the threat to his world became apparent, Tyler threw himself into the defense effort. His research contacts with the military, in conjunciton with his academic credentials opened many doors, and his discoveries and inventions have made Project TRUE what it is today.

Tyler is the pioneering force behind both the Worldspan Gateway network, and the weaponry used to defend Refuge Base. He has visited nearly every world that the Project has explored, and has served in both a military and a diplomatic capacity.

His dress is almost stereotypically professorial. Tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, vest, trousers, shirt and tie and a pair of rugged, practical boots. In various pockets he carries paper and pencils, brushes, pens and ink. His jacket is expertly tailored and does a fine job concealing the shoulder holster and its pneumatic sidearm that he carries, so the only really jarring departure from normal is the military-grade machete at his side.