Lab Notes

Sergeant June Walton

Sgt. June Walton

June Walton was a recently-divorced former homemaker preparing to enter the workforce. She was working at a hospital, in training for becoming a Registered Nurse when several of the laboratory technicians who performed the autopsy on the creatures from the polar expedition were brought in. They had suffered a variety of physical ailments which were baffling to the doctors. She documented and researched their symptoms, correctly diagnosing them as the psychosomatic effects of a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, her recommendations for their treatment were ignored by her professors.

When one of the patients died, the subsequent investigation turned up her treatment recommendations, which proved effective. She was credited with the survival of the remaining patients, and was quickly recruited by the group which eventually became the Conspiracy to Save the World.

Her practical medical experience quickly made her a valued member of the Trans-Universal Exploration. On a mission, she functions as a combat medic, stabilizing patients in the field and evacuating them to Refuge Base for further treatment. She has an almost uncanny knack for treatment and diagnosis, especially with regards to previously unknown illnesses. Although she is not an officer and does not have an academic degree, the soldiers and medical staff defer to her judgement and expertise.