Lab Notes

Apologies in advance for the sketchy quality of these notes. My first draft seems to have vanished in a cloud of electrons, so these are reconstructed from memory.

Session notes: 06-10-27

  • Ted - Jason
  • Tyler - Matt
  • Wu Fang - Scott
  • Megumi - Amy
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette

Wu Fang is called away on ship matters. Keane lets us know that Ohanzee has returned, and Megumi extends a breakfast invitation. Ohanzee is interested in meeting the newcomer, "Lord Theodore," but is a bit perturbed by the proper phrasing of what the introductions are supposed to be, Making a curtsey?

Introductions go off gracefully, if not flawlessly. Neither Ted nor Ohanzee are used to all the bowing and formalities, but they can carry it off to some degree with their natural abilities.

Lord Theodore and Professor Tyler separate from the rest of the group to work on their ideas for inconveniencing Gareth and Pavel, and also to give Ted an opportunity to learn something about his new abilities. During the resultant high-speed training montage they discover that Ted is far tougher and stronger than Tyler (Ted is tied for firsts with Ohanzee), but not quite as good as Tyler at armed fighting.

Ted and Tyler work on a set of puzzle-box type restraints capable of keeping an Amberite busy for a while. The increased Amberite strength makes Ted's initial Chinese-finger-trap concept seem impractical, until Tyler hits on the idea of incorporating fine wire into the design. Simply ripping the trap apart would result in painful and annoying cuts.

Training with Pattern takes place outside of Refuge Base. Ted accompanies Tyler on a few missions, trying to track down data on the creatures which attacked Homeworld and, more recently, Wu Fang's ship. Reports from off-world lead them to a jungle base where formerly friendly locals have become strange and hostile. A careful assault by Project TRUE forces results in the capture of several creatures, currently in a hybernating state. With the initial threat dealt with, military advisors are dispatched from Refuge Base to monitor the situation and to help the locals deal with further incursions.

Tyler isolates the creatures in an inorganic shadow he knows of, where they will hopefully remain dormant until he can return to study them. Even if they do hatch out, they are unlikely to be able to leave or to find anything to feed on. Ted and Tyler rejoin the others.