Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-04-13

  • Megumi - Amy
  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • WuFang - Scott

Megumi wakes up with a headache - Pierre is applying cold compresses. Helice is sitting in a corner, looking cranky. She quickly learns that they have been kidnapped. The kidnappers are odd - one is very tiny, about 1/8 inch tall and incredibly fast. They've been saying that Pierre has seen too much, and they were planning on moving Megumi elsewhere before she woke up.

The room is warded against a lot of things. Pattern first and foremost. The kidnappers are actually kind of upset that they got Megumi. They actively didn't want her. In fact, there's a note apologizing for inconveniencing Megumi, probably because they didn't want to upset her patron - which, as she explains to Helice, is the Unicorn.

Megumi meets one of her captors - a striking black woman named Elaine. She explains that she and her brother, Burke, don't mean her any harm. And that the tiny person is an "old family friend."

Back with the others, planning is under weigh to try to find and rescue Helice. Martin is reluctant to return without his sister, and with the information that she's missing, but eventually he realizes that it's possible that he may be able to gather more information in Amber, so he heads back there, bringing Ted along to introduce him to the city, if not the family.

Ted finds the place to be a peculiar mix of the midieval and the modern, but his visit is cut short by an assassination attempt on Martin. Details are sketchy, but from what Ted can gather, Martin was wounded by a bomb while inside the castle. He's badly injured and in the care of two Amber guards and a doctor. Ted immediately calls in Tyler.

Tyler is able to double check the Amber doctor's work and help him stabilize Martin, but they need to get him out of here and to somewhere with better medical technology. Tyler calls Merlin and arranges for a prepped sick bay and a trump gate so that he can be carried through with minimal jostling. On arrival, we discover that a bunch of nasty poisons have been introduced into Martin's system. Fortunately, Merlin has some trump-based trick he can use to help filter it out of his blood.

Wu Fang gets his ship going, heading somewhere with strong medical technology, while still being obscure enough to avoid most unexpected guests. Then it's a matter of hunkering down and waiting for Martin to recover.