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Lab Notes

Session notes: 03-31-06

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • Megumi - Amy
  • Wu Fang - Scott

The investigators from the city are concerned that the assault on Wu Fang may have been intended to strike Martin instead. Megumi has a few ideas for tracking the energy of the attackers, possibly hurting them in a messy way. At the very least she has some ideas for a detection ward that might notice their energy while they were in the area. Unfortunately, there isn't a live subject to experiment with.

She studies the dead one for a while though, in a semi occult way. Never actually touching the corpse. Tyler is getting up close and personal with the body, checking the forensics and biology of the body. Ohanzee is watching them both, although Megumi is rather distracted by her study.

Ohanzee tries observing as well, but whatever system she is using really freaks Megumi out. Ohanzee finds the energy and spirit of the body fairly normal, but everything else seems out of place. The body seems familiar somehow, but not terribly placeable. Tyler's forensic investigation doesn't reveal many details, other than that the body is definitely not from around here. The blood, for example, is all wrong. Ohanzee cuts her hand to compare her blood with that of the body.

Megumi takes a look at Ohanzee to see if whatever it is she can do would freak Ohanzee out. It doesn't, but Ohanzee has some similar resonances to some of the hostages from the Courts of Chaos. She also shares resonances with Wu Fang, but it could just be a coincidence.

Wu Fang wants information. Megumi can tell that it is strong in Chaos, and that her wards would be set off from the presence of Ohanzee. Setting up appointments and talking with some of the hostages would take time and may need some intervention on the behalf of the Chaosian Ambassador (lord Elazar of House Dumont). Ohanzee is interested in participating in the interview, and Wu Fang has no objection, but Megumi thinks we may need to check with Florimel... And waking her up wouldn't be a good idea.

Ohanzee hasn't really heard much of the whole Amber and Chaos thing. It's complicated, but Megumi tries to explain the whole dichotomy of the universe, and some of the recent history of the war.

We are on the point of potentially experimenting with whatever powers it is that Ohanzee has that disturbs Megumi when Megumi suggests that we put it off until sometime after Florimel is awake and breakfasted. Not long after that, the investigating Amber guards arrive, led by Lord Gregor Windfellen, Colonel (Ret.). We give them the story of how events transpired. Megumi bundles Ohanzee off to avoid too much interrogation of her presence or involvement, and Tyler steps in to distract them as well by relating his observation of the event.

Thanks to Martin's warning, he manages to avoid mentioning the fact that he shot the assassin. There may be some questions about that after the autopsy.

The ladies head off to check on Shen and to have Ohanzee's hand bundled up. Shen was taken by surprise and struck in the head, but it looks like he'll recover fine. Megumi writes up a note and sends off a runner from Flora to Lewella.

Eventually, most of us manage to get some sleep. Tyler decides that preparation would be better than rest, and spends the three or four hours until dawn re-cranking the pressure chamber in his handgun...

In the morning, Ohanzee gets properly dressed and heads off to find a library where she looks up the histories. She learns about Oberon, Eric, Random, the recent war, the various people credited with the title of "prince" or "princess" and so on. It's not a great collection of texts, but it's a start.

Tyler wanders into the dining room and meets a rather regal green-haired woman. She inquires if he is Valarian or Professor Tyler, he introduces himself and learns that her name is Lewella. She omits her title during the introduction, so Tyler strikes up a more casual conversation than he might otherwise have done.

Wu Fang stops by the infirmary to check on Shen before heading to breakfast. Medical technology in Amber is always rather tricky. Shen will need to rest for several days, according to the healer.

Tyler and Lewella discuss Rebma for a while, a conversation which stumbles a bit when she mentions that her nephew had rather rushed us through things. Tyler realizes her likely rank, apologizes for his informality and quickly learns that there's a bit of tension between Florimel and Lewella.

Wu Fang's arrival does little to defuse the situation. Lewella inquires when Tyler might visit Rebma again, and cautions him that he has attracted a certain amount of attention. Lewella inquires about the events of the previous evening and asks about the attack.

A servant is sent for Megumi and she joins us at breakfast.

Ohanzee's stomach growls and she hunts down a servant and finds out where breakfast is.

On her arrival she pauses to assess Megumi and Wu Fang's attitudes toward Lewella. She also adopts the Rebman table manners that she's observed Megumi using.

There is some discussion of the restrictions that the household have that Ohanzee finds rather chafing. The riding lesson is brought up as an example of how things have not been going well. Lewella's explanation of horses resonates more with Ohanzee's interests, but Ohanzee is still interested in the possibility of riding a predator instead.

Julian is suggested as a possible source of information about that, but Lewella points out that the ability to hide one's predator nature is useful in itself.

Lewella extends a further invitation to Ohanzee, letting her know that any time she would like to visit would be fine.

Floramel joins us for breakfast and politics. Tyler's handiwork has been noticed and has caused something of a stir.

Martin arrives and extracts Ohanzee from the situation. He takes her for a private walk in the gardens and explains some of problems created by her unique situation. She's the potential heir to two thrones. Granddaughter of the King of Amber and Great-Granddaughter of the queen of Rebma is a huge prize to fight for. For both Amber and Chaos.

It's a huge decision and Ohanzee wants to know more before she makes her decision. Unfortunately, she doesn't have time. In about half an hour, Martin is going to have to decide where Ohanzee should be and who should take care of her. If she stays with Florimel, she'll learn to manipulate and play politics from the best. If she goes with Lewella, she'll inherit a throne if she survives the intrigue.

She wants to talk with Wu Fang about his opinion on the matter, and Martin steps aside to let them talk in private.

His return to the breakfast table is an opportunity for Megumi and Tyler to escape. They go to check on Val, and discover that he is missing, as are his clothes.

A brief investigation ensues, cut short when the two of them realize that whoever took Val did so with either the cooperation or connivance of our hosts. Megumi suggests that we delay things and look into a more.. subtle investigation later on using some of her sources with the Companion's guild in Amber.

Martin gets some time alone with Ohanze and tells her about some of the choices facing her. The circumstances of her ancestry and the politics of the realm make things really complex. There are, basically, three things that she could do. She could stay with Florimel, thereby throwing her lot in with Amber. She could ally herself with Rebma, which would solve some problems, but cause others. Or she could head off into Shadow and avoid both groups until she was powerful enough on her own to set her own terms for political entanglement.

Ohanzee needs to think about things for a bit. She talks over her options for a while with Wu Fang, and eventually arrives at her decision... Which shall be revealed next session...