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Lab Notes

Session notes: 08-04-06

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • Megumi - Amy

We can get a lot of different types of information from House Fardriel. Ohanzee is looking into religion and finding out about the Unicorn. The chapel that Megumi tidied up is in a poor part of town, so it wasn't well maintained. It wasn't deliberately neglected, just in poor repair.

Eventually, we gather up the scraps of information and make our way back to the inn. We discuss future goals - what do we do here? Help the rebels? Help the royalists? We decide to become a third player in the game - a mysterious group helping the crown against the bandits.

We have information about who Jocasta thinks the bandit Merlin is going after, but very little else on the rest of the conspiracy. Our temporary plan is to bodyguard the targets from afar in the hopes of picking off their attacker. As an alternate, we may want to set up an expensive caravan for them to pick off.

Meanwhile, Ohanzee is working on getting in another batch of books. Her first few attempts are stymied as the books disintegrate in dry conditions. This leads into an involved discussion of Logrus and Pattern and how they relate. Use of either one makes adepts of the other uncomfortable. So how does someone like Merlin not go crazy? And how will things work out for Ohanzee when she gets the Pattern?

Merlin returns and joins the discussion. He doesn't seem to be adversely affected by having both powers. He says that "he adjusts" and that shapeshifting helps. He also cautions us that the Logrus is more willing to kill people than the pattern is. Megumi kind of looks away hurriedly when he says that.

Jocasta has provided a couple of maps. First off are some trade routes, including information on which of the Green caravans are carrying what, and which ones are most highly insured. Second are some dossiers on the government officials that Bandit-Merlin might find useful. Third is a map of wells and springs in town, several of which are annotated with some kind of Chaos symbol. It seems that there's a plot afoot to taint the water table with some type of Chaos power. The symbols itself are sufficient to disturb Megumi. She can feel the taint on the map.

Merlin finds it disturbing that Jocasta can even create these symbols. It implies a certain amount of strength that she really shouldn't have. Following or scrying on Jocasta seems like a very good idea, but the other worry is that this water tainting plan may already be in place. If it is, then small bodies - children, small animals - would be affected first. Megumi should be able to sense the taint if it is there. Tyler goes off with Zil and Sareneh to get some water samples from a well near a source of the taint.

Ohanzee is reviewing some of the combat uses of the Logrus. The taint on the water could be inflicted simply by reaching in with a tendril and... twisting. Similar stuff can be done to people, or to people's minds. There are restrictions - people with Logrus can defend themselves fairly easily, while people with Pattern can pretty much fry you.

Megumi goes to work on setting up her mystical tests with Luther as a guard to prevent her from getting interrupted. Ohanzee decides to explore the city in dog form - walked by her bodyguards. Maintaining concentration is somewhat difficult. She decides that bodyguards are no fun.

Megumi's preparations are strips of paper, each prepared with some pattern fragment inscribed on it. The papers function as a ward, blocking off background chaos. She begins to meditate upon the vials and finds that two of them are tainted. They're from poor neighborhoods where illness would not be noted.

It seems like the map we've been given is probably a list of future targets. With the taint already in place, we need to alert someone here in authority. Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to explain how we got the information we do have. An extended plan is formed. First we need to excuse how we got the information, then we need to get the news into the hands of someone who can do us some good.

Simultaneous plans are enacted - Tyler is going to charter a ship and begin a secondary expedition to the far-off island of N'lon to fetch more of the tapestries from the weaver Paul Yester. En-route, he will arrange contact with pirates, who will be defeated in a fashion sufficiently damaging to cause Tyler's vessel to need to turn back. A quick bit of legerdemain will result in the map being "found" on one of the fallen pirates.

This will take a few days, during which Megumi and Ohanzee will work on diagnosing whatever problems the chaos taint is causing and getting it into the attention of the local medical community.

All of this will be resolved . . . . Next Session!

-- EOF --