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Lab Notes

Session notes: 06-09-15

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • Wu Fang - Scott

Megumi gets a call and has to depart before we move on. Tyler gives her a copy of his trump so that she can more easily rejoin us later.

Wy Fang points out that the plot we've discovered here may be a reflection of something in real Amber. We debate our next course of action. Should we look for another refleciton of Amber and see if there is something going on there, or should we head directly to Amber itself and start searching there?

Ohanzee is in favor of the oblique approach, while Wu Fang is more interested in going directly back and beginning the search. Tyler is neutral, but favoring Wu Fang's plan.

The problem seems to be that there's so many plots in Amber at a baseline that it may be impossible to discover exactly what is normal. Wu Fang points out that most of those plots involve the nobility jockeying for position with each other. None of them are attacks on the population.

Another concern is our lack of sorcerous knowledge. Both Wu Fang and Tyler know sorcerers, Wu Fang in Amber and Tyler among the Yeti of Blizzard.

Eventually we decide to go to a shadow to investigate Rebman politics. Someplace where sorcery works and we have the potential to recruit a sorcerer.

Ohanzee consults with Maydi about what she should look for in an entourage. She gets the rundown on how the guild works, from hiring to post-employment relations. Her major advice is that the only person you know that you can trust absolutely is someone you have raised and trained yourself.

Ohanzee mostly wants to know what exactly it is that she needs. This, of course, depends on what it is she's interested in doing. Bodyguards are worth investing in until she has a sufficiently threatening reputation.

In an effort to acquire that, Tyler offers to train her in armed combat in exchange for her tutoring him in unarmed techniques. Wu Fang exempts himself from the sparring, in favor of guiding the ship through shadow.

Ohanzee is looking to acquire slaves to tutor as minions. Tyler has objections to the idea of subsidizing a slave market. Wu Fang suggest simply travelling through shadow to someplace where the people are loyal to her. This, unfortunately, is something that is very easy for Pattern to do, but very difficult for Logrus.

The other concern is currency. What passes muster in Amber? And would it be noticable if she used Logrus to grab some? Answer: gold coins and yes, varying on distance.

We resolve to head to the Rebma Analogue first. It's possible we could recruit a sorcerously talented urchin there without having to resort to either visiting a slave market or pulling a kid through shadow with the Logrus.

We could practice with Pierre, but that might cause damage, and he's not our page to be playing with.

Wu Fang activates submarine mode and we head in. Ohanzee goes looking for a cargo of fine wines and brandies - alcohol with gravitas. She finds a considerable quantity of bottles with labes we can't read. Shen is set to work as a taster, first to ensure that it isn't toxic, then to determine the content. He deduces that it is a cinnamon and rose-hip flavored liquor with a touch of apple. A strong desert wine which would complement salmon or sea bass. We can't read the label, so we decide to call it "Gift of Twilight"

The ship docks and is slowly flooded to Rebman normal. Some people deal with it better than others. Ohanzee has trouble not going into automatic shapeshift. Customs agents if Queen Morganthe come aboard and inspect our pallet of Gift of Twilight. Shen gets our papers and permits in order with a small bribe.

We head, well, not exactly ashore, but off the ship and set to work visiting wineries, distributors, restraunteurs, ranconteurs and somoliers. We collect prices and information and retire to a comfy nearby inn to go over our market data and catch up on the local gossip.

Urchins are sold by weight not volume. Some settling may occur during shipping.