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Session notes: 06-11-10

  • Ted - Jason
  • Tyler - Matt
  • Wu Fang - Scott
  • Megumi - Amy
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette

Megumi makes wards for unwanted visitors. She is working with the ship to see if the ship can alert a couple of people if unwanteds are detected.

Tyler and Ted engage in a high speed training montage.

Ohanzee is trumped in and everyone comes back to the boat. Huzzah.

Hey! We can all talk in our heads. CoooOOoool. Another training montage with Megumi's guidance (she is much better at this than we are). Somehow elephants are involved. Megumi would like training unarmed and unarmed combat; Tyler and Ohanzee seem the best suited for this.

Another ship intersects our course flying a makeshift Amber flag. It's a smaller pleasure vessel; Ohanzee decides to shapeshift to travel form and keep low. Tyler is the "butler", Ted keeps away, not entirely sure what he should do. Eventually he wanders up on deck to get some fresh air where Luther follows asking if there is anything he can do to help. On the smaller ship is Deirdre's son Cearan and he informs us that we are leaving an odd wake in shadow. He would like to come aboard. He and a second person come over and lo! The second person is Princess Helice (Random's daughter). They say they have things to discuss, we do lunch.

There are odd things popping up in shadow: Images of Wu Fang are appearing here and there (oh noes!)...on bill boards, currency, stamps, cloud formations... We haven't run into any occurrences of these yet, is our wake scattering these images here and there? Wu Fang wanted to know how Cearan and Helice found us and they said they started looking around and angled in. There was some debate about whether there were any Wu Fang images at see (in the clouds?) but nothing is so distinct as to be immediately recognized as a Wu Fang image.

Helice says she saw the images first and then Cearan started seeing them after she joined up with him. They think the images might have started a few weeks ago but they aren't absolutely sure what with the shadow traveling and all. Helice is disturbed by the images but Cearan thinks it's just someone playing a prank on Wu Fang. They found us rather easily (worrisome).

Wu Fang invites them to travel with us, they accept. Megumi gives the standard Merlin warning which doesn't bother Cearan but seems to make Helice a bit disgruntled. They want to know where we are bound and Wu Fang says no where in particular and that he's just stretching his "shadow bound ship shifting legs". He mentions also that he is casually looking for information on sorcery. Helice wants to know what's going on and Wu Fang tells her that he doesn't exactly know but will find out at the end of the voyage. Helice excuses herself to wash up and Megumi, Ohanzee and Maede follow.

In Helice's room, she explains that some of the image she saw weren't just of Wu Fang, but her and Wu Fang as well. And some of those weren't exactly...appropriate. Helice took care of those but worries about any more that are out there. Helice then notices Ohanzee isn't a Rebman breed of dog to which Megumi replies that she travels in shadow a lot.

Back with the menfolk, Cearan admits that he is glad to have some company. There is a lot of responsibility in carting around the heir to Amber and it was getting a bit trying. Also his ship, while a very fast, sleek and elegant craft, isn't set up for prolonged voyages with the proper amenities for hauling around an heir to Amber. Rooms are set up for both guests on Wu Fang's ship.

Tyler and Wu Fang talk about the billboard images. Wu Fang is of a mind that the best way to figure out the trap is to spring it.

Ohanzee leaves to find Wu Fang and ask his advice about revealing her person to the guests. Wu Fang defers to Megumi so Ohanzee pads off to find her. In the meantime, Cearan has caught up with Ted on deck and asks if he is crew or also a passenger. Ted is not sure. Megumi arrives and says that it wouldn't be a bad idea for Ted and Tyler to out themselves to the guests.

Eventually we all meet in a room and introductions go around. Huzzah! We have an after dinner drink in which Cearan is most attentive to Helice's wineglass while she is not. Whoooo! She is more talkative. We discuss the shadow sprinkled Wu Fang images and Wu Fang relates the several assassination attempts. We decide to pull off course and see if we can't find us some Wu Fang pictures.