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Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-02-02

  • Ted - Jason
  • Tyler - Matt
  • Wu Fang - Scott
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette

After we get to the inn, Wu Fang asks people over to look at the four trump cards found last session. Tyler doesn't recognize the subjects, but takes time to memorize the art style and any other cues he can pick up on, so that he'll recognize it if he finds any others by the same artist. The style is very... flat? Kind of a generic drawing - if it's a Trump, it's an accurate representation, but it's not much of a work of art.

Ted thinks one looks a bit like someone who came into his shop once. Back in the day before he realized more about reality, he would have been willing to accept it as a coincidence. Now he's worried by this.

Ohanzee recognizes one of them immediately. It's Lord Sha'rohn! The Lord she was brought up to serve. Different from the one that Ted recognized though. Megumi points out that next time Ohanzee might not want to admit to a connection quite so quickly.

There is some concern about this, of course. Ohanzee wonders if they were here after her, trying to reclaim what was stolen. Helice has some sympathy for that and asks what being an object is like. She does have some practical experience in the Courts, having visited there.

Megumi studies the items rather than the Trumps. Tyler isn't experienced enough with Trump to be able to identify which end of things they come from.

Luther pokes at the Darth. He's not sure how quick he can get up and talking. None of us know healing magic. Sarren knows some magic, but nothing that would help heal.

Wu Fang points out that whoever wanted to ambush us must have been aware of our location. We only got hit after we've left the boat and headed inland. We need to be aware that we're under some kind of observation. In the meantime, we should get some rest before we set out again.

We've packed the inn the seventeen of us have pretty much all available rooms here. Wu Fang's ninjas are sent out to see if there's anyone spying on us physically. Tyler is put to work producing sketches of our assailants. He does face & figure drawings as well as illustrations of their fighting styles as he remembers them.

Ohanzee and her bodyguards go scout the area to see if she can pick up the scent of our attackers. Ted goes to work helping secure the building. Ohanzee's search isn't terribly productive; she's a wet wolf in the woods, and there's been some shadow shifting since the attack. Nevertheless, she keeps a nose out for trouble, and fails to find anything.

Back at the inn, Megumi's still studying the items. Even when Tyler finishes his sketches and moves on to an analysis of the fighting styles and how they could be more quickly defeated next time. She's still studying when Ohanzee returns from her patrol and Ted finishes bolstering security. This seems to be taking a considerable while.

We're unsure if we should interrupt her though - it may be bad if we do. Wu Fang returns from positioning the ninjas and agrees that it's taking far too much time. We're not sure how to wake her either. It could be that she's got an incoming message from the Unicorn and can't be interrupted at all right now. At any rate, we need to get rest. Helice volunteers to share her room with the comatose Megumi, so we get her and the objects bundled together and stowed away.

In the middle of the night, Tyler is awakened by a HUGE surge of Trump energy. He quickly wakes Ted and the two of them fan out to wake the others. We don't know what's going on, but it's probably not good. Soon enough, we get to Helice's room, where nobody answers the knock. Breaking down the door reveals a room that has been completely emptied. Furnishings and everything, right down to the walls and floorboards.

Ohanzee hadn't had a chance to study the objects using the Logrus - it would probably have been a bad idea to try it at the same time Megumi was doing whatever she was up to. Ted arms himself with a splitting maul from the woodpile while Ohanzee starts a Logrus search for Megumi. Wu Fang gives instructions to start mobilizing. Whoever was after us may have just gotten what they want, and if not, they'll almost certainly be able to find the Trump energy discharge that just took place.

While we pack we discuss who may have done this and why. Was Megumi the target, or Helice? Helice seems more likely - she is Random's daughter. But then again, if this was somehow associated with the person that Ohanzee knew, it may have been an attempt to get her instead.

Eventually, Ohanzee stops her search. Tyler tries to force a Trump contact with Megumi, but it fails. Either she's unconscious, somewhere that Trump doesn't work, or blocking with more power than Tyler can break through. Our only remaining clue is the unconscious Darth. We pack back to the ship and set sail for someplace where we may be able to get him healed enough to talk.