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Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-03-16

  • Ted - Jason
  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • WuFang - Scott

Herne approaches Ohanzee while we're on our way to meet up with WuFang. He's a bit worried about Uncle Mirror and Jamethiel. He doesn't know them. At all. He never gave a name, and her name isn't in any of the family trees. This is especially odd since she has Pattern. This could be something that the Guild wants to know about. He won't be in trouble for not reporting it immediately.

We start a slow mosey out into shadow to begin catching up to WuFang. We travel by ship - a nice quiet, slow cruise. Keyne has a good time - as a butler & stylistic expert he hasn't had much of an opportunity to stretch himself before now. Ted pays attention while trying not to seem like he's paying attention. Wearing the wrong gang coulors was a serious problem where he was from, and this would be something similar.

Ohanzee gets some study time, learning about the major aristocratic houses of Amber. There are ten major ones, and many more minor ones. The major houses generally have titles and land for centuries. They're people that Oberon had found useful, and who have been rewarded for this.

Ohanzee also gets to practice a bit of social interaction - and potential courting - with the more mundane passengers on the ship. Egidia gives her a few pointers. Ted also could use a bit of practice with the upper crust. It's also a bit of a relief being able to leave embarassments and awkward situations behind by shifting Shadow.

Tyler starts the cruise drinking rather heavily, but he tapers off over time. The recent battles were, overall, a success, but there were casualties and he blames himself for Maydi's death and Luther's current incapacitation. Instead of drowning his sorrows in alcohol though, he throws himself back into training the others, and working on the peculiar Trump trap that snagged Megumi and Helice.

Martin has a fairly complete Trump deck - kind of a rarity. There are a good dozen people in his "dead or missing" set. Most of the cards are done by Dworkin, but some are Merlin's art. Tyler memorizes both styles.

Neither Ted nor Tyler recognize any of the unusual subjects as either Jamethiel or Uncle Mirror. Nor does Ted recognize his early abductor. There is some discussion and study about how Oberon's children resemble his wives rather than him. This seems to persist through generations - Martin resmbles Random, Merlin resembles Corwin, etc.

Luther has recovered enough to travel - we trump through to WuFang.

He's got the Darth at a place where a shamanistic spirit healer can try to hold his spirit and communicate with him before he dies, which is imminent and unavoidable. The Darth and his minions were after us because they had been told that we had stolen some sort of sacred artifact from a holy site. Something vaguely MacGuffin shaped...

The only realy useful thing they can tell us is that their leader had a long beard with beads braided into it, which resembles one of the mystery trumps we were able to recover from their group.