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Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-03-16

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ted - Jason
  • Wu Fang - Scott

Ted and Tyler are trying to figure out what they can do to help with the current situation. Right now, Martin is still recuperating from his poisoning, and Megumi is missing. Ohanzee is in a bit of a funk.

Egidia may be a good one to take looking for Pavel and Gareth. Benigne would be useful to teach Ted how to ride horses. Wu Fang doesn't need a horse, which is good because he disturbs them anyway. Luther and Zil are along as added muscle, if needed.

The world of incredibly well trained wild horses is a good place to start. It's just around the corner from "Bob's Discount Tack Shack" where what we're looking for will turn up eventually. They'll get us close, at least, to the Rebma like shadow where we were prepping for the twins.

We get rooms at an inn for the first night out. The rooms are split up with Luther and Tyler in one room, Zil and Ted in another, Egidia and Benigne in their own room, and Wu Fang in a private room with Chen. The night passes mostly uneventfully, but Tyler is rather unsettled looking in the morning and helps hurry people out after breakfast.

Wu Fang is going to handle the contact with the twins. A random message from some guy in shadow may have less weight than a concerned talk from a familiar face about the fact that their sister is missing. We go looking for "The Party" in the hopes that it will be either the one they're currently attending, or one they've recently been at and that we can track them from there.

The shadow we're finding ourselves lead toward is something like a tropical Valhalla. The drinking, feasting and revelry are a big draw, as are the Valkyries. The fact that people are killing each other and getting resurrected may explain why the twins aren't currently in peril - perhaps there has already been an assasination attempt, and they simply got up afterwards?

Tyler hangs back to make sure there aren't any deadly interruptions while Wu Fang walks up and strieks up a conversation. One of them spots him and tosses him an ale. An exceptionally powerful ale. The other notices that Wu Fang has minions! And they don't have drinks! Drinks all around!

"Hey! Why don't we have minions?"

"Did you ever ask for them?"

"Uh... Huh. Nah, minions are a drag."

Wu Fang convinces them to have a semi-private conversation with him, and tells them that something is going on back home. For one, Helice has been kidnapped. This gets their attention. And Martin almost got killed, in the castle. They seem slightly sobered by this news.

After they've been filled in on the news, they seem that they're likely to check in and stay put. Especially once the dancing girls come out on stage.

Oddly, one of the dancing girls looks familiar to Ted and Tyler. It looks like cousin Jemethiel. Given that the last time we saw her, she destroyed a shadow by dancing at it, this now seems like a less healthy place to hide out. We proceed to round up everyone and vamoose.