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Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-03-16

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ted - Jason
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette

Ohanzee's Spell List

  1. Force Field - Changes the air of the shadow to create a solid barrier in a defined size and shape.
    1. Size
    2. Shape
    3. Magic of Shadow

  2. Plasma Lance - Opens a shadow gate between the target and the core of a nearby star.
    1. Intensity
    2. Duration
    3. Target
    4. Magic of Shadow

  3. Pilum of Fish - Opens a shadow gate between the target area and a heavily stocked fishery.
    1. Distance from caster
    2. Height from ground
    3. Radius of portal
    4. Duration of portal
    5. Magic of Shadow

  4. Perception Field - Prevents anything with a lower Psyche than the caster from concsiously noticing her.
    1. Target
    2. Duration
    3. Magic of Shadow

  5. Buddah's Palm Descends from Heaven - Massively amplifies the movement of the caster's arm to create a palm-shaped field of force capable of blasting through a building.
    1. Magic of Shadow

  6. Sniffing Spell - Seeks out a target object or creature within the caster's Shadow.
    1. Target Item
    2. Duration of Search
    3. Magic of Shadow

  7. Shadow Step - Opens a temporary shadow portal to a pre-set destination (determined when spell is hung) allowing the caster to go there in a single step.
    1. Duration of Portal (defaults to 5 seconds)
    2. Magic of Shadow

  8. Warded Parimiter - Charges an area with Sorcerous energy which disipates as an alarm when a specified condition is met.
    1. Area warded
    2. Duration of ward
    3. Triggering event or creature
    4. Type of alarm (visible / audible / psychic or combination)
    5. Magic of Shadow

Megumi and Wu Fang have left to dicsuss their options with regards to the situation. Merlin says that he's disgusted by Amber politics and leaves, rocking the shadow with whatever it was he used to vanish.

Ted, Ohanzee, Martin and Tyler are left behind to debate their course of action. Helice being held hostage limits Martin's actions - he intends to go in and see what's going on before he decides to try to spring her from captivity or to go ahead with the proposed arrangement where he sits out the upcoming struggle in exchange for him and Helice's safety.

Ted has decided that he's going in with Martin. Tyler has promised to care for Ohanzee, so he'll be staying with her, no matter what. After some discussion, we determine that she's too valuable an asset to risk. Tyler and Ohanzee attempt to leave using Pattern, Logrus, and then a disastrous combination of the two. The attempt to leave via Trump fails too, as well as Ohanzee's sorcerous portal.

With no other choice, we sail on to a dock. The voyage seems longer, giving us a chance to nap. Eventually we arrive at a dock, where we are met by Elaine and Burke. They greet us as cousins, but without bowing. Megumi is greeted as "preistess." We are offered refreshment and a place to freshen up. Ohanzee takes advantage of this and uses every bath product they provide.

Afterwards, we meet up in a conference room to talk. Their father seeks the throne in Amber, and they are looking for allies. Part of their motivation has to do with the way people are chosen to "feed" the Pattern. Tyler sympathizes with them, as far as that goes. He feels that something must be broken about the whole Pattern system, and the chance of it being fixed is better under a new regime rather than the existing one.

After the meeting, we are taken to a "waiting area" - basically a sort of training room where the environment changes based on the will of the people inside. Ohanzee uses the room to test out some of her new spells, destroying a huge chunk of forest in the process. Fortunately, the place is fairly self-repairing. Unfortunately, the place is something of a trap. We can't seem to get out by shadow walking. There is a door, and an intercom to call them, but otherwise, we're imprisioned.