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Lab Notes

Session notes: 07-03-16

  • Tyler - Matt
  • Ohanzee - Jeannette
  • Megumi - Amy
  • Wu Fang - Scott

Tyler, Ohanzee, Megumi and Wu Fang meet in the "Danger Room" to discuss options. Megumi is apologetic for the situation. Merlin is safe, but has been effectively imprisoned. It was one of her conditions for helping that he be kept safe. Tyler is sympathetic to their cause, but his priority is to his promise to keep Ohanzee safe. Megumi points out that she is safe here and now.

Ohanzee is very angry at being manipulated into this situation. She doesn't think it was honorable of these people to make this imprisonment part of the negotiation. She doesn't like the choices she's being offered - to either collaborate with our captors, to promise not to interfere with them, or to stay here where they can keep her from interfering.

Megumi points out that the choices she's got now aren't that very different form the choices she was given when Bleys took her from her home shadow and left her at Florimel's place. Tyler extrapolates further that whoever was raising her in the courts was likely aware of her heritage and was manipulating her even back then. Ohanzee is cranky about the whole situation. She's frustrated and annoyed. She goes off to destroy one of the 'levels' of the nested shadow that we're in.

Tyler, Wu Fang and Megumi discuss with Luther about the situation involved in feeding the Pattern. Many of the elders have left offspring with the Guild for "Storage." The head of the guild has some ability to protect them, but not much.

They also discuss what's likely to happen with the upcoming conflict. It's likely that - at the very least - Random is going to have to be deposed and imprisoned somewhere like this place. Gerard is also probably going to need to be retired. Megumi thinks it's probable, because of Brand's attack and the way he was wounded on the pattern, that Martin would be chosen as the new priest of the Cult of the Pattern.

Ohanzee uses the Logrus to yank herself to the outermost level of the prison. None of the people we brought with us have gotten this far, and so long as she doesn't think of any natives, there aren't any there who need evacuation. She practices with her various spells - summoning fish, blasting with fists of force, and calling up blasts of stellar fusion - until the entire outer level is consumed by plasma fire. The regenerative powers of the prison actually start to work against it, since enough new material is generated to keep the reaction going. She is forced to leave, and she puts up a velvet rope as a barrier on the stairs to keep anyone from accidentally walking into the fire. A small sign goes up as well, "Level Closed. Uncontrolled Fusion Reaction in Progress. We Apologize for the Inconvenience."

Megumi suggests continuing the conversation somewhere more comfortable - such as the baths. We do so. Out of consideration for the modesty of the others, she wears a bathing suit. Tyler's bathing costume is something rather archaic, sort of the tank-top and boxer combination seen in pictures from the 1920's.

The discussion turns to what people want. Wu Fang wants a position of power. Tyler wants to help fix the Pattern, and for his people to be as safe and free as possible. Luther wants survival, and potentially a family in his future.

Ohanzee heads off to find Martin, but doesn't locate him. She does find Ted and Helice. They tell her that Martin has headed off to talk to the captors. She heads off to the door and knocks. After a few minutes a disimbodied voice says, "Yes?" She asks to talk to prince Martin, and to possibly negotiate. While she's waiting she continues to practice summoning and cooking fish.

Egidia finds her while she's doing this. The smell is astonishing. She dispatches Ohanzee to the baths and scrubs her while giving her a lecture about how the only reason that she and the other servants are being kept alive is because they may be useful leverage on Ohanzee.

Megumi asks both Egidia and Ohanzee what they want to get out of the whole thing. Egidia wants a business of her own. A perfumery or something similar. Right now, Ohanzee just wants to talk to her dad and find out what his take on the whole affair is. A glowing messenger projection arrives and informs Ohanzee that Martin is ready to meet with her now.

After Ohanzee departs, Megumi asks the other servants about what they think the position of the guild would be in the upcoming conflict. Herne and Keyne are potential sources of information. The discuss King Random's family, including his little-known sister who died when she was around 20. She either died while attempting the Pattern, or was 'fed' to the primal pattern - things aren't clear.