Lab Notes

TR-20564a - Follow-Up mission to Blizzard

Follow-up: Professor Tyler

We returned to this world after Lt. Al-Moyad had recovered from his injuries, and quickly established diplomatic relations with the inhabitatants. Al-Moyad's gift for communication proved useful yet again, as we were able to develop a common written language. Unfortunately, the structure of our throats differs enough that a common spoken language is likely to be impossible.

The creatures here call themselves the "Yheti", and they have an amazing history. Their world was once a garden paradise, untouched by want or strife. Unfortunately, some sort of natural disaster changed the orbit of their world around the sun, moving them out to a frigid, zone where life could barely survive.

As glaciers and ice rolled in from the poles of their world, Yheti culture moved, quite literally, underground. Vast cavern complexes were hastily established and the formerly peaceful Yheti fought their first wars, first over the resources to supply them, and then over who would be allowed to live there. When the surface was abandoned, for many years there were those who keep the old grudges alive and rememberd the pains of the past. According to Al-Moyad, the modern word for these Yheti can also translate as either "suicide" or "idiot", depending on context.

This was all thousands of years ago. The decendants of the surviving Yheti have put aside their differences with each other, joining together to struggle for survival. At this point, their cave system has given them unrivaled access to mineral wealth, including industrial and precious metals. Additionally, they have perfected gardening techniques using artifical light that show great promise for adaptation under the sun at Refuge Base. They are quite happy to trade this with us in exchange for food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.