Lab Notes

Colonel David Shay

In the decade before the discovery of the Creatures, armed conflict had fallen out of favor on Homeworld. Col. Shay was a career military officer, contemplating an early retirement. He had been serving primarly with the Army Airship Corps when his team was dispatched to conduct an airlift rescue of the stranded polar expedition. This mission was his introduction to the organization that would eventually become Project TRUE.

Shay is a decorated combat veteran, with commendations for both tactics and diplomacy. His proven ability to work well with multinational troops has been one of his greatest contributions to Project TRUE. He has been the expediiton leader on several off-world outings. In many cases, he has made the final decision on whether a mission should be extended or aborted.

Shay's early distrust of Professor Tyler stems, in part, from their vastly different backgrounds. Shay was from a low-income working class family and entered the military in an attempt to expand his horizons and escape the slums he grew up in. Tyler's academic upbringing was a difficult obstacle to overcome, but their shared experiences on missions and mutual respect for each others' abilities hs led to a close, if unlikely, friendship.