This campaign uses the basic Ars Magica rules, with several variations, described below. The setting is modern-day. The vast majority of this modification was done by Bryan Cassidy. Rules updates to Ars Magica version 4 and HTML conversion was done by me.

Note - With the 1970's Ars campaign in motion, I've done some updating to the site. The costs of various Virtues and Flaws listed here may diverge from those in the book. If there's a difference between the two, it may be that your particular storyguide has decided that, in the modern world, some things should cost more (or less!) than the book advertises.

2-28-2007: the Virtues & Flaws page has undergone a major overhaul. Some new virtues & flaws have been added, including a few specific for Modern games. Several existing entries have been renamed for clarification, and a (very) few have had their point values adjusted.

3-27-2007: Hello visitors from! I'm flattered by the attention I've been getting from you all, and I hope this little kitbash proves useful. I'm going to be posting some example characters and campaigns from the past which may prove useful and / or interesting. Enjoy!

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