1920's: The Mad Science Show

This is a proposed "Round-Robin" style game set in Chicago in the roaring 20's. The characters are associated with an independant nightclub and theatre.

1970's: New York City

The current campaign. The setting is on the outskirts of Chinatown, in an area with a relatively weak Dominion aura. Characters include the owner of a traditional herbalist's shop, a grandmotherly vetrenarian, a tough private-eye and a reality-challenged homeless man.

1988 - 1992: The Bellvile Saga

This was a game that MQ ran for several years beginning in the late 90's. The players came up with half a dozen magi with vastly different backgrounds and personalities - ranging from "bookish librarian" to "unsavory professsional burglar". They initially banded together to pool knowledge and resources, and for self preservation - especially once they started swapping stories of their education and deduced that someone out there had discovered that magic was real, and was hunting down and killing magi.


Name: Frank Parsons
Player / Type: NPC Companion
Era: Modern, 1989
Int / Per: 0 / 0
Str / Sta: 1 (brawny) / 1 (late hours)
Pre / Com: 0 / 2 (inspires confidences)
Dex / Qui: 2 (deft) / 0
Virtues: +1 Large
+1 Tough
+1 Long Winded
+1 Enduring Constitution
Flaws: -2 Terrors (heights)
-1 Soft Hearted
-1 Low Self Esteem
Abilities: Alertness (Developing fights): 3
Bartending (Listening): 5
Brawl (vs. drunks): 4
Craft: Cooking (short order): 4
Craft: Sewing (Needlepoint): 2
Drive Car (Winter conditions): 3
Fishing (Rivers): 3
Folk Ken (People with troubles): 3
Martial Arts - Judo (grappling): 4
Psychology (Practical): 4
Sailing (small boats): 3
Scribe English (clear handwriting): 4
Speak English (Advice): 5
Swim (Rivers): 3
Theology (Comparative): 4
Background: Frank is a big burly ex-Marine turned small-town bartender. His fear of heights dates back to a helicopter crash when he was serving in the military. Frank's bar is decorated in a homey combination of fishing memorabilia and framed cross-stitch designs. He has a sympathetic ear for anyone with problems, and does his best to help them. Anyone trying to cause a problem in his bar will very quickly find themselves picked up and deposited elsewhere.
Name: Zachary Wilson
Player / Type: MQ / mage
Era: Modern, 1920's
Int / Per: 4 (brilliant) / 3 (attentive)
Str / Sta: 0 / 1 (athletic)
Pre / Com: 0 / 1 (charming)
Dex / Qui: 3 (graceful hands) / 2 (lithe)
Virtues: +1 Mimic
+1 Gentle Gift
+1 Inventive Genius
+1 Midnight Magic
+1 Sorcerous Music
+2 Enchanting Music
+3 Deep Patterns of Improvisation
Flaws: -1 Outsider - Black
-1 Compulsion - Improve Musical Ability
-1 Stingy Master
-1 Cheap Master
-1 Bad Reputation ("Uppity")
-2 Binding Sigil
-3 Study Requirement
Abilities: Area Lore (Chicago Nightclubs): 2
Auto Mechanic (Sabotage): 1
Brawl (Dodge): 2
Carouse (Feigning intoxication): 1
Compose Music (Jazz): 3
Concentration (Study): 2
Dance (Choreography): 2
Drive Car (Back Roads): 1
Enchanting Music (Non-verbal): 2
Finesse (Creo): 1
First Aid (Gunshot wounds): 2
Magic Theory (Investigation): 6
Martial Arts - Capioera (Dodge): 1
Mimicry (Singing): 1
Parma Magica (Ignem): 3
Play Instrument - Clarinet (Jazz): 5
Research (Maps): 1
Scribe English (Crisp penmanship): 4
Scribe Latin (Deciphering Scrawls): 3
Sing (Love songs): 3
Speak English (Noisy environments): 5
Hermetic Arts: Creo 7, Intelligo 4, Muto 5, Perdo 3, Rego 5
Animal 2, Aquam 2, Auram 2, Corpus 2, Herbam 3, Ignem 2, Imaginem 4, Mentem 6, Terram 1, Vim 2
Sigil Water near him seems to taste better after he's cast a spell.
Spells: Chamber of Spring Breezes (CrAu 5)
Heat of the Searing Forge (CrIg 10)
Notes of a Delightful Sound (MuIm 5)
Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10)
Background: Zachary's youth was divided between the study of music and magic, with the result that - for him - the two have become inextricably intertwined. He is currently the bandleader and musical director of Chicago's "Mad Science Show" nightclub.