Everyone gets 10 Virtue and Flaw Points. They can be chosen from either 3rd Edition or 4th edition books. Allowable Virtues/Flaws are listed below, alphabetically. A name in square brackets shows the original Virtue/Flaw name the potentially new one is based upon. An M indicates a Virtue/Flaw only a Magus may take. A C indicates a Virtue/Flaw only a Companion may take. Look at the list carefully - what may at first seem like something restricted to a particular class may really just have different costs for different character types. On the other hand, some of the virtues and flaws are exclusive to particular character types - especially those designated as Divine (D), Infernal (I), Kabbalistic (K) or Fey (F). If there are any questions, ask the Storyguide for details.

Note - With the possibility of ramping up a new Ars campaign sometime, I've been going through the books and this site and noticed some... inaccuracies in the costs of some virtues and flaws. I blame myself for not checking things out perfectly... On the other hand, If there's a difference between the rulebook and the site, it may be that your particular storyguide has decided that some things should cost more (or less!) than the book advertises. If you haven't created a character yet, check back soonish, 'cause I'll be updating the site with my revisions.

Some Virtues and Flaws have been renamed for the modern saga. Their original name should appear in brackets. A letter in italics indicates the sourcebook where additional information on that Virtue/Flaw may be found. M=Magus, C=Companion, D=Divine (Pax Dei), I=Infernal (Maleficium), F=Faeries, H=Hedge Magic, G=Wizard's Grimoire, K=Kabbalah, Mys=Mysteries, L=Lion of the North, B&S=Blood and Sand, Mod=Modern Sagas Only.

Virtues: variable

Virtues: +1

Virtues: +2

Virtues: +3

Virtues: +4

Virtues: +5

Virtues: +6

Virtues: +7

Flaws: variable

Flaws: -1

Flaws: -2

Flaws: -3

Flaws: -4

Flaws: -5

Flaws: -6

Flaws: -7

Flaws: -8

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