The Ratings

Alright, the rating system. I’m rating these in Wasabi Peas (an homage to my first Japanese Snack food) on a scale from 0 to 5 Peas.

0 Peas = Good God NO! Rats, swine and even snotlings would not touch this stuff. Run Away!

1 Pea = Glarrrrrhh! Maybe with enough saki this would be an appealing snack. It’s edible but just barely.

2 Peas = Meh. Probably better off eating something else but it’s not so foul that it can’t do in a pinch when in the grips of a munchy attack. Warning: it’ll most likely leave you dissatisfied at which point you will probably wander off and look for something else to snack on anyway.

3 Peas = It’s not only palatable but you might even like it! Certainly it’s not the best thing you’ve ever had, but on the other hand it’s not the worst thing you’ve ever had either and it will satisfactorily tackle your munchie conundrum.

4 Peas = Mmmm, tasty. It’s good, it’ll kibosh the munchy nosh instinct and you will definitely remember what it was the next time you go shopping and pick up another package.

5 Peas = Orgasmic Crack Epiphany. You need to try some of this right now. No right now-WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE READING AND NOT OUT BUYING AND EATING!