Yaki-Curry (Mojiko Limited) Food Drops

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Lotte Zero Non Sugar Chocolate

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Kim Chi Cheetos

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They’re Heeeeeeere!

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Here’s half the J-List 2010 order which arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. We’re currently munching on the Kim Chi Cheetos. None of the food drops have arrived yet but pictured in this batch is Sparkling Strawberry Kit Kats, Double Caramel flavored gum, Dragon Fruit Hi-Chew, Gorgonzola Cheeza, and two kinds of Cratz; Mexican Salsa Chicken and Smoky Cheese. Plus a couple more things that I can’t see right now because the pic is all HTML at the moment.

Reviews start up again tomorrow!


JSFR Hiatus

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Happy New Year Junkies! The Review is going on a bit of a hiatus for the first part of January but fear not, I have plans! I’ve placed an order with J-List for lots of tasty wonderful snacks from the motherland so when they come in, the review will resume. For now, two months of double weekend posts tell me I should take a small break. Meanwhile, check out the snack peeps listed on the side bar for a review fix.

Until mid to late January!