Honorary JSFR

I know I’ve said this sporadically throughout the review when I go off culture but apparently if I don’t tag every single entry of non Japanese origin, someone somewhere gets their panties in a bunch. I feel for you people, and bunched panties are mighty uncomfy so I decided to add an editorial blurbit to the ratings page, where every single review eventually links to. I know, because I have to keep cutting and pasting that critter onto every single entry. ANYHOW! It is well documented that I can not read Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Goa’uld or Ancient so occasionally I pick up things that are not Japanese. Sometimes I even do it on purpose because when you find something called “Jolly Pong” how can you leave it out of the review just because it’s Korean? We here at the JSFR call these inclusions “Honorary Japanese Snack Foods” and welcome them because A: they amuse me and B: I don’t discriminate just because they squiggle their language a little bit differently.