Chocolate Orange Pocky

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Mmmmm, Pocky. I like the looks of this pocky with its funky swirled orange on a chocolate coating but I was surprised to discover that there was a chocolate stick too. I think (again with the Japanese thing). The box says “Wheat Crackers” on it, but the sticks sure do have a chocolate like flavor to them even if they are a tad more on the dark tan side than the other chocolate sticks I’ve had. I am a plain stick kind of boo and would have preferred the Chocolate Orange Pocky to have come on a plain stick, but this one isn’t so bad so I wont take off any points. Lets just call it surprisingly tasty chocolate stick lite and move on shall we?

Good chocolate coating; milky, melty, chocolaty, it’s everything you would hope for in a chocolate coating. Nuff said. The orange, however was not quite what I expected. The orange flavor smacked of Orange Flavoring 25 but it’s not a bad Orange 25. It took me a while to dredge through my plork and figure out what they reminded me of, but finally I had it. Ever have one of those gum drop fruit slice things (with the whitish “rind”. Oh, those were TASTY)? That’s the flavor. I personally adore the orange fruit slice gum drop things but I did not expect it to turn up on pocky. Alessar commented that he thought they tasted like those chocolate oranges that you have to whack on a table and break into sections and I’ll go with that too.

I was originally going to give Chocolate Orange Pocky a 3.5 pea rating but most of my Guinnea pigs really liked it. Plus, I do believe this pocky has won over two more people (who are now doomed like the rest of us to walk this earth in search of more and different pocky) and that’s gotta count for at least half a pea. Plus it’s got these neat orange swirls. I like the swirls. So, for Chocolate Orange Pocky I am going to sally forth with a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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