Chelsea Yogurt Scotch

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I’ve never really considered that butterscotch may not be just butterscotch but rather some sort of process one did to butter. I’ve always thought butterscotch flowed along the same vein as horehound, after all I don’t expect horehound to be some sort of loose morals dog but I have been proven wrong. Evidently you can scotch a great many things. Or maybe you can only scotch the dairy family, I’m not too sure on that at the moment given I have but two examples to work with. Nevertheless, today’s JSF offering at least attempts to educate us on the versatility of scotching flavors.

So what happens when you scotch yogurt? First off, you get a cool translucent candy piece. I’ve never had scotched yogurt so I don’t know if this is the norm or if this is a peculiarity to the Chelsea company, but it still looks cool. They were a tad sticky though, more so than their butter cousins. No worries, I think it is just a matter of the yogurt scotches being a bit softer than their butter cousins and doing that hard candy sticky outer layer thing faster. Once you had them in your mouth a bit, the sticky layer vanished and left a nice smooth hard candy.

The taste is pretty interesting, very citrus-y tart yet buttery slick and sweet too. We decided that it tasted most like grapefruit, if we had to pin a citrus flavor to it, with a buttery smooth component as well. If you are one of those people who put sugar on your grapefruit in the mornings (or evenings or whenever you happen to eat your sugared grapefruit) think that, but much smoother and butterier, but in a good fruity butter sense. Trust me, as weird as that sounds, those two tastes actually go well together.

As for the candy itself, these have the same excellent porous free hard candy base that I can not rave enough about. I hate sharp bitey hard candy because I always manage to cut my tongue on the stuff. Not these. They invented shmooove as it pertains to both texture and taste. We really liked the tart/buttery/sweet combo the Yogurt Scotches had going on, so we rated it very high. If you are not one for the tart citrus, then these might not be your gig, but if you are, you may well agree with a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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