Mikakuto Special Pucchokun Kyoho

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This is one of four fabulous JSFs that came all the way from Hawaii from my In Law Guinea Pigs who were vacationing there. How cool is that? They are in Hawaii and took time out to shop for snacks and send them back to the midwest. I have the coolest in laws.

Before getting to the candy, I want to show you how neat the packaging is. This guy? Completely cracks me up. He is totally giving everyone the raspberry. Pbbbblt! Either that or he’s running around with his tongue all sticking out and lallygaggy which is just as funny. I kinda want to run around with my arms all akimbo giving the world a raspberry. Check out the package too, it’s shiny! I nearly blinded myself setting up for this photo shoot because the package bounces light wickedly.

When we opened these, we thought there were only two different packages but upon further investigation I discovered four different types (only one clear one in the whole bag). They all have the same lavender taffy blob but the variety is nice.

As to the taffy blob…

The do indeed have inclusions in them; but not as anthropomorphically situated as the Pbbblt Grape Guy on the package. The actual candy is also lavender in color and not white so I am unsure about the mascot (other than the fact that he is awesome. Pbbbblt!). Perhaps the original flavor of taffy blob was white with colored inclusions.

The candy is a very decent grape taffy (in that way that nothing grape is actually really grape). It’s much softer than a Laffy Taffy but still on the firm side of things. The inclusions are either little purple grape gummy bits or a little Sweet Tart like deelie. Each taffy bit contains some of both (save one which had no Sweet Tart bit, but I think that was an anomaly) and as weird as it may sound, a small nugget of Sweet Tart like thing in a piece of taffy really kind of wrocks. The tart cuts the taffy sweet and the dissolving texture is nicely offset by the smooth taffy. There isn’t enough Sweet Tart bit to compromise the taffy integrity so that one little tart burst is really fun.

For the above decent grape and the general taffiness, this is totally a 3.5 snack. The extra added package fun and the little gummy and candy inclusions pop the rating up to 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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