French Pie (apple)

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I have a quandary about today’s snack: I bought it way expired. I know, I know, I should look at the sell by date before picking it up but I was looking for another Korean snack and lo! Here was one. It looked pretty keen too so I snatched it up. Sadly, it expired January 20th, 2010 even though I bought it July 30th. I am highly disappointed in My Second Favorite Asian Grocery store.

The package even has a keen artsy back side…which I don’t understand. I’m thinking the green blob and the red stripes tie in with apples somehow and that’s the best guess I can come up with. Still, it’s neatly pretty.

What grabbed my attention was the construction of the critters. I opened mine upsidown and noticed the little almost fried pastry looking holes in the back.

And then the puff pastry like layering as seen from the side. These pies are very light and crumbly and crispity in a fashion, except of course my package also tasted very stale. The blob of apple on top is incredibly sweet, more like apple pie filling with extra sugar and it has a gooey texture. I would have preferred more apple taste and less sugar but who knows what this would have tasted like six plus months ago when it first hit its sell by date.

My guess is that these will fall somewhere around 2.5 to 3 peas. The puff pastry is flaky yet flavorless which will surprise me greatly if suddenly an unexpired pie comes in tasting of delicious, buttery puff pastry. It could happen though. The apple topping is more sweet than apple and I don’t know as there will be more apply goodness in a fresher pie. Still, I can’t really give a proper review until I’ve reviewed these unexpired so I’ll post what I have and hope when I go back that they have fresher French Pies in stock.

Unrated until such time as I can get a proper package.

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  1. Orchid64 said,

    August 23, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    I’ve had these both marketed for Japan and Korea and they were singularly unimpressive both times, even when fresh. The main problem is that there isn’t enough apple and far too much tasteless flaky pie.


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