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Today’s Almond Pocky is brought to you by Bubbles as are the snacks for the rest of the month of November. Mostly. Anyway, I know I have not done Almond Crush Pocky because I have done Pepero (almond and chocolate) and I’ve always thought to myself, “I should buy the almond Pocky so I can compare the two.” I never have but every time I see almond Pocky I think I should buy it. In a stroke of genius or creepy mind reading, Bubbles also saw that I had not done Almond Crush Pocky (for real this time – I checked the other blog) and sent some along.

In my Pepero review, I lamented that the chocolate and the stick were averagely mediocre and said, “If you couldn’t get anything else but Pepero, it’d be fine but if you could get but one Pocky, you’d always choose the Pocky over the Pepero. Even if the Pocky was a million dollars and they were giving away the Pepero, you’d take the Pepero but secretly deep down inside you’d be thinking “Man, I sure hope Pocky prices come down”. Now I get to put my money where my mouth is because I finally have almond Pocky to compare. I think I was right those four years ago because Pocky has the wonderful, if maybe slightly fragiler, stick of crunchity delicious grahamy goodness. It also has that delicious Pocky chocolate which is somewhere between a Hershey’s milk chocolate and a good dark chocolate…say Ghiridelli. The chocolate is also nice and soft so you get that tasty dark chocolate edge yet it also easily melts in your mouth.

Pocky’s almond, however, isn’t as strong as the Pepero. It is nutty and almondy but the Pepero managed an almond that was able to hold its own against the fairly strong chocolate taste. Pocky’s almond isn’t quite that robust. You can’t really smell any nuttiness over the chocolate and in terms of taste, the chocolate weighs in with about 65% of the flavor leaving the almond to scurry just ahead of the graham Pocky stick. It’ll do because it is almondy but if Pocky could attain the Pepero almond it would be a half plus pea points better.

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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