Chung Hsiang Foods Soda Crackers (graham soda)

Posted in 4.0 Wasabi Pea Rating, Cracker, Savory, zTaiwan at 12:21 am by Boo

Here’s the plain or “graham” flavor of soda cracker and guess what? Nabisco and Sunshine are still coming out short on this comparison. If you can believe it, the plain crackers are even tastier than yesterday’s veggy crackers. How is that possible? The only ingredients listed are: Wheat flour, fresh cream, palm oil, beer yeast, salt and yeast. Maybe it’s the beer yeast but I do like these quite a bit, even with the pie crust flakey crispy. I think maybe the slightly buttery like flavor isn’t harming them any either. Neither is the tasty amount of salt that are on these crackers. I often find Satlines a bit too salty and rather bland.

In case you were wondering, Saltines list in their ingredients enriched flour, soybean oil, salt, corn syrup, yeast, baking soda and soy lecithin. I vote for the Taiwanese beer yeast and fresh cream. Yum. Chung Hsiang Foods soda crackers will absolutely do you proud in soup and are a tasty munch on their own as well. I ought to try them with cheese. Hmmm!

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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