Pucca (almond)

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Pucca is as Pucca does. Last installment of Pucca featured the lovely but not quite Yan Yan chocolate variety so this week we decided to venture into almond. Almond Pucca has the same slightly bland outer pretzel shell that the chocolate had so we don’t need to cover that ground again. Just a touch of salt, that’s all I’m asking. Not enough to notice but just enough to give it a kick in the flavor.

We also noticed that almond Pucca fish come in two, three and four legged species. We only noticed two and three legged chocolate Pucca but that could have been an oversight on our part. Chocolate may well have ninja four legged Pucca fish that we never saw. Wait, if it’s fish, wouldn’t it be fins? OK, if you invert them 90 degrees from the standard fish profile they start to look like octopuses, which have legs (of sorts) so there you go. The four…bumped Pucca really start to look like PacMan ghosts.

But enough about the visuals. You aren’t here for an art critique of the form and style of the different Pucca, you are here for taste sensation information. After the saltless but satisfyingly crunchy pretzel shell is a nice creamy almond paste. In much the same manner as the chocolate, the almond paste is a solid melt in your mouth concoction. Even TheMan admitted that it was tasty and he is not so much the almond fan. As far as the almond taste, it’s sweeter than you might expect almond to be but there is definitely an almondy flavor to them.
These Pucca are down with the creamy almondness but still lacking in that needed salt yummy so I’m going to give them a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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