Tohato Caramel Corn

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Hello and welcome back the JSFR from hiatus. I’m going to start the year off with Tohato caramel corn…snacks? Again, I’m going with the little bit of English on the package which informs me that these fellas are caramel corn. They are also toasted.

Just so you know.

They aren’t, however, as shrimp reminiscent as their strawberry cousins, mostly because they aren’t disturbingly orangish pink. They still kind of look like shrimp in shape though. Enough about their looks, how do they taste? Not like you might expect something labeled caramel corn to taste because they taste nothing like “caramel corn”. To make things short and sweet (heh), these are meltier in your mouth cheese puff textured corn pops. They taste eerily like Kellog’s Corn Pops actually. If you had a bowl of milk and a spoon you could probably eat these Caramel Corn snacks as breakfast. In TheMan’s own words, “These are very eatable, get them away from me.”
If you haven’t had a corn pop, well these have a strong corn taste with a sweet sugary flavor. They aren’t overpoweringly sweet though and you can eat them as finger food without getting overly sticky. Bonus.

They have an interesting texture too, something like a cheese curl or one of those Planter’s cheese balls but a lot lighter and much more melt in your mouth. Plus, you don’t get orange fingers eating the Tohato Caramel corn…not that that is a texture issue. They crunch nicely if you aren’t into a huge initial crispity crunch and the whole melt in your mouth thing is pretty darned cool. All in all, Mr. Paul, TheMan and I give Tohato Caramel corn a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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