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This is another foray into Japanese food that makes me giggle because…Softick? Versus what? Hard-ick? (Which, incidentally I did not have hyphenated the first time and I about burst out laughing when I read Hardick. Har-de-har-har. Hee! This one rates very high on the amusement factor.) Yes, I specifically picked this up for the quasi Engrish of the name.

Alright, enough about the giggling and on to the reviewing. These fellas are sort of cake sandwiches, or chocolate stuff sandwiches, depending on how you look at it. They have a top and bottom chocolate sponge cake like layer and a middle layer of some sort of quasi crunchy chocolate coffee something or other. Not a very informative description, I know. The cake, albeit a tad dry, was a nice tasty chocolate and it really did remind me of sponge cake. It wasn’t too sweet, it wasn’t too…errr…not sweet and other than the slightly dry factor, it held its own in the cake realm. Booyaw for cake.

The middle layer was…different. It crunched, sort of, if by crunch one means it wasn’t nonpareil crunchity crunch yet it was more crunchy than chocolate. It was vaguely somewhere between crispy and kind of gooey. It crunched in a rather unpleasing way, if you happen to be myself or DQ or in an extremely pleasing way if you happen to be TheMan. The crunch seemed to be a very subjective thing so if you like a slightly crunchy in a two day old hardening icing kind of way crunch then you and TheMan can sit back and savor the weirdness that is the gooey crunch.

The Gooey crunch layer tasted like chocolate. Or coffee. Or maybe booze? Possibly all three. I tasted the chocolate and booze (you couldn’t help but taste the booze, it practically crawled up your nose and danced on your taste buds. Opening a Softick was a little like being breathed on by a bum, but not so vile and more chocolaty) and something else that wasn’t chocolate or booze but not enough for me to distinguish what it might be. DQ nailed it when she read the ingredients and noticed that there was coffee somewhere in the Softick. Yup, that was the flavor that was hiding under the chocolate and booze.

TheMan, again, rated this one very high but I had to knock a couple half points off his original score for the weird quasi crunchiness and the booze factor. I like me some booze (and this is pleasant smelling booze at that) but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Same with the sorta crunch. So, I will formally give Softick a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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