Yomogi Daifuku Mochi

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These are the green kind of rice cakes and yes, they are the same family of rice cakes that TheMan utterly loathes. Green rice cakes are similar to the Azuki Rice Cakes but with the addition of mugwort. (Your welcome). Like the Azuki, the outside is kind of squidgy in a firm but giving way. The Yomogi was a tad bit squidgier and almost felt like firm foam. They also had more powder on them, much to the dismay of my powerbook. Yeah, I’m going to be dusting off rice flour for a while yet to come, me thinks.

(You can almost see the mudgieness and the powder! Oi, the powder)

The Mugwort Rice Cakes have a bean paste filling but it doesn’t seem as sweet to me and the texture was a bit more gritty. The rice cakes also have a quasi green tea flavor that lurks about, but it’s not incredibly strong. More of an after flavor, something that gets caught in your sinuses if you will. I was on my second rice cake before I could pin down the flavor.

I’m not as fond of the Yomogi as I was the Azuki but I’m not fond of green tea. Or mugwart, I expect. Maybe I just don’t like the taste of green, whatever the flavor. On that note, I’m going to give Yomogi Daifuku Mochi a

Rating of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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