Ramune (Blue Hawaii)

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More Ramune! This time it’s in blue. I’ll have you know it’s a natural blue too, no artificial colorings here (says so right on the label). That’s about the only natural thing too, unless you count the sugar, dextrose and fructose which happen to be ingredients one through three. Mmmm, simple and complex sugars, it’s like the no sugar left behind initiative. Not surprisingly, this Ramune is very sweet.

We’ve covered the blue factor, the natural factor and the sweet factor and I’d love to cover the carbonated factor but as I am finding out, Ramune is not so much about the carbonation. Pity that, I think it would get at least a half a pea more if it were just a titch more carbonated. Alas. This Ramuse does have the Hawaiian tropical fruity thing going for it, at least in smell. Mmmm! Nicely fruity and very Hawaiian Punchy.

Unfortunately, the fruity doesn’t carry on to the taste. Behind the SWEET! there is maybe a light fruitiness but not enough to even tell the major fruit players. The best I could guess at was “Mixed berry”, although one of my Guinea pigs thought it had a bit of a banana aftertaste. I didn’t taste banana (and I’m particularly sensitive to artificial banana flavoring) but there might be a light chemical aftertaste going on. Maybe banana, then again there really isn’t enough fruit character to decipher what fruit you might be tasting. One of my Guinea Pigs even thought that the flavor might was cotton candy while another mentioned bubble gum.

All in all, I was least fond of Blue Hawaii Ramune that of any other Ramune so far. It’s a very “eh” drink, so I’m going to give it an appropriate eh

Rating of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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