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This, I don’t think, is really a snack food per se but rather one of those “candy with a toy” packaged deelies. First of all, Pin-Gu cost a pretty penny for a hand full of slightly larger than M&Ms candied chocolate blobs. I think there are about as many Pin-Gu chocolate blobbies as there usually are in a Halloween snack pack of M&Ms. However, Pin-Gu costs about the same as an entire bag of Halloween snack pack M&Ms so….yeah.

Well, it does have a wooden toy:
and each box has a different wooden toy set:

(Hee! I like the penguin (Pen-Gu?) with the seal type thing-it)
so I suppose Pin-Gu is more like baseball cards than a snack food. The plus to that is the chocolate blobbits are much tastier than base ball card gum. They are not as tasty as M&Ms but they do hold their own in the chocolate world so I will neither take pea points nor give pea points to them with respect to their chocolateness.

What I will give pea points to is this neat little collectable card twist:
Donald PinGuToy.jpg
Pin-Gu toy…

Pin-Gu Toy Package. Do you see the commonality? Take a look at the header (starter? Intro?) pic, specifically the toy and the picture of the toy on the box. Now look at the pen pic and the box pic. I’m not sure if that ruins the whole surprise of collecting Pin-Gus (ahhhh, that looks weird. Pin-Gu’s? Lots of Pin-Gu. There) or it alleviates the frustration of trying to get that last remaining Pin-Gu. Still, it made it really easy for me to find the cute Pin-Gu for the review so Huzzah!
All in all, while the packaging hint was pretty cool and the Pin-Gu toys are pretty cute, the chocolate is just OK. I’d say a 3 pea OK but I’ll add an extra half pea for the toy and the toy hint on the packaging for a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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