Green Tea Pocky

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Look! More Pocky! Green Tea Pocky!

OK, I’m not so fond of the green tea so I’m probably not the best reviewer for this. My favorite Guinea Pig is also not so fond of the green tea flavor as he took one bite of the pocky and handed it back to me saying, “Here! Want the rest of my grass clippings on a stick?” Then wandered off to find something to clear his palate. So far, not so auspicious but I’m going to farm this one out to my Green Tea Guinea Pig and see what she has to say.

For those of you who are not fond of the green tea, this is not the Pocky for you. It smells very green teaish right out of the package and yes, you can taste the green tea pretty prominently. The creamy coating does soften the green tea taste a bit but it’s still pretty darned green teaesque. This Pocky is nicely coated too, which is a boon to you green teaers but not so much to those of you not in the green tea camp.

Lastly, Green Tea Pocky has the more wheaty stick (something like a wheat stick with maybe a hint of cocoa, but not enough cocoa to make one think “Hey! Cocoa!”). I think the wheaty stick is a pretty good choice for the green tea taste and if I liked green tea at all, I’d be really appreciative of the wheat/green tea combination. As it is, I’m wishing the wheaty stick flavor stuck around in your mouth longer and stronger than the green tea does.

I obviously have an anti-green tea thing going on, so I’d be inclined to personally rate this Pocky at very average to a little below average. If green tea isn’t your thing, you might want to pick up another kind of Pocky to munch. However, if you are all about the green tea, give these fellas a go. I think you just might be pleased. So to be fair to the green tears as well as the non green teaers, I’ll just go with a middle of the road

Rating of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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  1. Bailey said,

    August 1, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Urg. This was the second flavour I had tried… I used the remaining packages as prank foods to make my friends cringe, the flavour was that bad.

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