Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (sesame)

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Everyone, please welcome a second variety of Ka-me Rice Crunch crackers to the JSFR. It’s been a while since the last offering, mostly because there is only one store that I know of locally that carries these and their distributor was playing some sort of “not going to stock any of the tasty flavors of Ka-me crackers” game and thus for quite a while plain and unsalted were the only choices. I’m not ready for plain or unsalted flavors of crackers that have nothing in them anyway. Would plain and unsalted have more of nothing then? How does that work? After a while, we stumbled upon Sesame and snapped them up.
If you remember from way back in November, the wasabi flavor told us that Ka-me made Plain, Wasabi, Seaweed, Sesame, Cheese, Onion and Unsalted versions of this crispy rice cracker. The sesame was the only flavor of any flavor so here they are today.
The first thing I noticed was the little sesame inclusions. YAY sesame! Or at least YAY sesame seed inclusions. The second thing I noticed was that there is a slight dusting of something on the cracker. I believe it’s sea salt, as that is one of the ingredients listed on the package. As you may have surmised, sesame isn’t an all ‘nothing cracker’; there is a listing for sodium (95mg) and the addition of sesame oil brings up the total fats to 2% so unlike the wasabi crunch, sesame have a little bit of the tasty ingredients. Sesame also have the shiny cracker thing going on too.
Further, Sesame have that amazing crunchity crunch that make these crackers so much fun to snack on. Crunch! Finally, they have a nice sesame seed flavor (vs. a sesame oil flavor) which is not too overpowering yet still on the forefront of the taste. I’m not a big fan of sesame but I rather liked these crackers a lot. My Guinea Pigs, whom I just polled, said that they all liked the sesame but the wasabi was better. Ergo, I’ll give the Sesame Rice Crunch Crackers a
of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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