Cheese Okaki

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The trouble with first impressions is that more often than not you are dead wrong about them. My first impression of these were that they might be a little like moon cakes. I figured that dollop of light color in the middle might be something eggy, or maybe cheesy, since they are cheese okaki after all. Maybe a sweet cheese like a cheese Danish. Yeah…cookie caramelly with cheesy Danish middle. Mmmm. And look! Bourbon! Bourbon makes lots and lots of tasty things.

This is not one of them. Oh it has taste alright. The first thing that hits your tongue is salty. Salty doesn’t jive with my vision of caramel cheese Danish at all. Next there is a strong rice flavor from the two rice crackers that form a sort of sandwich. In the middle, and the light colored dollop that is neither egg nor sweety cheese Danish cheese, is a dollop of…cheese. It’s not even tasty cheese like cheddar or a nice swiss but cheese like those weird small packaged processed cheese food deelies. Bleh.

I’d like to be fair and honest about cheese okaki but I was quite put out by their not being any kind of sweet. Bourbon, why oh why have you forsaken me? I’m not alone on this; none of my Guinea pigs had anything good to say about them either. One of the pigs even gave me their half eaten cheese okaki back, although the nasty aftertaste is probably still with them. The only thing good I can say is that they have an interesting smooth texture from the salty coating on the rice crackers. Perhaps I’m just not a salty cheesy ricey kind of person but I gotta give cheese okaki a

rating of 1 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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