Wafu Almond

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Guess where today’s entry came from? I bet you were going to say any one of my favorite Asian Grocery Stores or even the Big Box of Japanese Snacks but you would be wrong! Half a pea point from you! I’ll give you a hint: It came from as close to Japan as you can get and still be in the states. That’s right folks, the Qs brought these back with them as a prize from Hawaii. That’s got to be the strangest place I’ve found (or rather had found for me) snack food. Although if you think on it, really Hawaii is a more logical place to find JSF than Michigan is.

Anyway! These fellas seem to be a coated almond of sorts…perhaps coated with wafu, whatever that might be. The Guinea Pigs and I bit into them with relish because we like almonds and more importantly, had just tried the Wasa Beef chips and needed to clear our palate. Sadly, I think the JSF gods were feeling pissy that day. We soon discovered that “wafu” probably meant “very ricey and disgruntlingly burnt tasting with perhaps a bit of caramelly thrown in there but definitely possessing its own after bland”. Oh and there were almonds.

Yuck. The coating was a sort of a crispy puffed rice deal that tasted…well rice-y and mayyyyybe sort of caramelly. Kind of. Perhaps. It also had a good dosing of burnt flavor to it as well, like they overshot toasted because they were on the phone too long and forgot about the wafu in the oven. An oven that had previously been victim to the largest cake burning accident known to mankind and not cleaned out afterwards. Not even the almond could save the snack since the almond was something between a tasty raw almond and a tasty roasted almond which wasn’t a very tasty transition to be in. Poor almond. One of My Pigs was so offended by the coating that she declared that it was “An evil thing to do to an innocent almond” and I have to agree. I think the only thing the coating had going for it was that it was crunchy.

Had the almonds been on their own, they would have sufficed as snack food, albeit not very memorable snack food. However with the addition of the coating we were all vary disappointed. The snack would have 1.5 pead itself but for Donald yodeling “wa-FOOOOOO!” at the top of his voice when he heard the name. That made me giggle and bumped Wafu Almonds up into a tenuous

Rating of 2 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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