Hello Kitty Babies

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In honor of LunarGeography, who is just back in town this weekend and who pointed me in the direction of these in the first place (re: She bought me a bag and said “You should review these!”), I (and she) bring you: Hello Kitty Babies.
Hello Kitty amuses me. I used to be one of those people who got all [insert BIG eye roll f/x here] “I’m going to get violently ill if the cuteness doesn’t quit!” whenever a new Hello Kitty thing came out (same goes for Strawberry Shortcake – the doll, not the food). Then LunarGeography ran across a Hello Kitty “personal massager” and that just cracked me right the hell up. Guess what shape the Hello Kitty “Personal Massager” device is? Your first two don’t count.
All I’m saying is that some “appliances” in life just don’t need to be cutified, if you know what I mean. On the other hand…Hell-O Kitty!
Anyway, now I’m much more tolerant of Hello Kitty because – massager! *giggle* The eternal pre-teen in me cackles like a loon whenever I pass by some innocuous Hello Kitty stuff because “I know something that yoouuuuuuu don’t!” And here we have food. Cutsie little heart shaped Hello Kitty food and I’m trying to do this with a straight face (I know something that youuuuuu don’t! Except you doooooooo now, so you can giggle wiiiiiiiiiith me!).
Ummmm, hey. Are the Kitties flipping me off? I think they are supposed to be sucking their thumbs, but I’ve been browsing too many Little Gamer cartoons lately to see thumb sucking as the first option. The Little Gamers have the same nubby blobby hands as the Kitties and when the gamers are flipping you off, they totally look exactly like the Kitties in the pic. Bad Kitties! No biscuit!
The…Babies? Kitties? Ahhh…how about “snack food being reviewed” are the same sort of puffed rice slurry patty plank that the Ame No Shu were, save no glaze. Imagine if you will, a Pringles type process but with rice which is then puffed into a heart shaped plank. And may I say that I really dig the puffed rice slurry planking process? I find the whole homogenous puffed rice thing-it much tastier than the typical American multi puffed rice grains that are then glomed together into a shape. Give me a choice between a plain Quaker Rice cake and a Hello Kitty Babies cake and I’ll be giggling off towards the Hello Kitty every single time.
Of course, offer me just about any other snack food and I’ll probably veer off from the Babies just as fast. I like the Hello Kitty Babies but after all is said and done, they really are nothing more than a puffed rice cake. They have a good crunch, a cute shape and the Hello Kitty kawaii but when it comes down to flavor all they have to offer up is ricey. As LunarGeography put it, “These are the platonic ideal of bland”. A very tasty bland, but still…rather uneventful. They are visually cute and are neither repulsive nor orgasmic in taste so I think I’ll rate them a good solid 2.5 peas (weirdly, a lot of the Guinea Pigs thought they were quite unexciting, yet kept going back for more and more. Addictive little bland buggers) with an extra half pea for amusement for a grand total
of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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