China Marble

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These are the last JSF we purchased from our newest JSF haunt: Lucky Market. These are all me too, I love the click-clacking sound they make when they bop up against each other. Also? China Marble? Heh. You actually could play marbles with them if you had an oversized shooter China Marble and didn’t mind getting a bit sticky. They look like marbles, they feel like marbles, they sort of sound like marbles and I suppose they might even smell like marbles as they don’t have much of a smell at all.

I didn’t play marbles with them (lack of a shooter and also I don’t think I really know how to play marbles now that I think on it) but I could have. Instead, I ate them. Badmovie and LunarGeography were my principle Guinea Pigs but I really don’t have to tell you what they had to say, what I had to say or what any of the other random Guinea Pigs had to say about China Marble. I just have to list the ingredients:

Sugar, FD & C (Yellow #5, #6, Blue #1)

And let your imagination do the walking. It shouldn’t have to take too many steps before it comes up with “sweet”, “sugary” and “Hard Candy”. OK, you aren’t necessarily going to get Hard Candy from the ingredients but the rattling around and the generally happy weight of them pretty much fills in the Hard Candy thought.

I will tell you that Badmovie discovered that China Marble was very much like a marble sized jaw breaker and not, as he had wondered, filled with a magic gooey center. Apparently, some form of Gobstoppers come with a magic gooey middle and China Marble reminded him of Gobstoppers. I did not know this about Gobstoppers, but that didn’t stop Badmovie from experimenting with the crunching. He will tell you that China Marble is pretty much hard through and through. And sweet. And marble shaped but neither he nor LunarGeography played marbles with them. If you are looking for a marble sized Japanese made jaw breaker, this is your lucky day.

All my Guinea Pigs liked China Marble in a sugary, jaw breaker like hard candy sort of way but there just wasn’t a lot of wow to them. There are no different flavors to go with the colors, no gooey center, nothing but the sugar and the round and the clicky-clack which is amusing, but not outstanding. They’re good, just not much more exciting than a

Rating of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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