Meltyblend (cacao)

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And here is the chocolate flavor of Meltyblend. It too has that light bitter cocoa dusting covering a very nice melt in your mouth chocolate which surrounds a delicious blobit of truffle like stuff. But not a delicate truffle like stuff, no. Meltyblend has firm truffley innards which can hold up to a good munching. A couple of my Guinea Pigs whole heartedly dove into the chocolates and gobbled them right up, but I prefer to hold the Meltyblend in my mouth and let it slowly dissolve into glorious chocolaty goodness. Mmmmmm. Either method of munching has merit, but you might be surprised at how long it takes a Meltyblend to actually melt away. Plus pea points for packaging a hearty chocolate truffle like sweet in such a tiny cute shape.

My favorite Guinea Pig mentioned that Meltyblends are like cubed centimeter bits of fondue while another thought that Meltyblends would make a decently respectable fancy shmancy chocolatier chocolate. I would not be surprised to find a Meltyblend priced at a buck and change at one of those chocolate boutiques if they wanted to do that sort of thing. Fortunately, they don’t so you can get a dozen or so Meltyblends and not break the bank. In fact, I would highly suggest that you think about doing just that because these Meltyblends are supremely chocolaty delicious. I wavered about 5 pea pointing the strawberry Meltyblend but decided not to because they weren’t quite orgasmic crack epiphany. The chocolate also comes really, really close to perfection and if I did more fractional pea point incrimination than I do, I’d give both Meltyblends 4.75 peas no questions asked. Alas, again my pea point system fails me so think of these as a really, really, really highly

Rated 4.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5.

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