Mousse Pocky – Tiramisu

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I heart me the mousse Pocky because they have quite the coating of goo. Mmmmmm. You’d have to have an inordinate blobbit of coating on a Pocky before I’d think about maybe docking pea points for excessive goo. In fact, if a Pocky was almost spherical with tasty chocolate-esque deliciousness it might not be enough to give me pause to reflect. Thick Pockys always win more favor with me than the thin Pockys. Pockies? Anyway, huzzah thickness of Pocky coating!

Next, I’d like to talk about the smell of Mousse Pocky – Tiramisu…uh oh. Hold on, I’ve just gone to my happy place. OK, back. I think the smell is probably my favorite part of this particular Pocky because it’s dark and cocoa-y and rich with a hint of coffeeness in the background. MmmmMmmm. Dark inviting chocolaty and a hint of the ambrosia odor of coffee? Man, I’d be living in my happy place if I could eat these day in and day out.

Heh. Lighten up my day indeed.

The taste does not disappoint given the wonderful olfactory promises. It is dark and rich and cocoa-y with just a little coffee bitter thrown in and of course that always stellar wonderful crunchity Pocky stick. I could even be convinced that there is ever so light a liqueur flavor hanging about the edges, something which makes this Pocky more than just Mocha Pocky; a distinguishing Tiramisuness about it. One of my Guinea pigs remarked that this other taste smacked faintly of chemical origins and…maybe. I’m willing to turn a blind eye to such a miniscule man made flavoring in favor of the delectable dusky cocoa coffeeness.

The only thing I’m not entirely getting with the whole Tiramisu theme is the mascarpone. True, the Pocky coating is typically creamy smooth and this is no exception, but it’s also not solidly mascarpone. Still, mostly tiramisu is all good by me, but not good enough to max the pea point the rating. Instead, here’s a well deserved

Rating of 4.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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