Mikawaya Mochi (coffee)

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(The small darker tan dot on the top is my finger print and not some special feature of this mochi…unless the special feature is that the mochi will melt a finger like spot if you hold it overly long)

Whew! I was almost afraid to try these because of the downward rating trend and the fact that I don’t really like coffee ice cream. But I had picked up the coffee mochi at the same time as I picked up the vanilla mochi (because they didn’t have chocolate chocolate so I figured coffee was the next best thing. Which makes no sense if I don’t particularly care for coffee ice cream but since when did things have to make sense at the JSFR? Perfect!), and lo! Coffee Mochi has the beans to break the trend.

I’m not saying I loved it, because I still don’t much care for coffee ice cream, but I appreciated the ice cream’s coffeeness. It had a definite coffee flavor tempered with an ice creamy smoothness and just a hint of bitter coffee bite. I’d say that if you turned an unsweetened cappuccino into a ball of rice paste wrapped ice cream you would totally have Mikawaya Mochi (coffee). It was no chocolate chocolate (which I can not seem to find anywhere, much to my sadness) but it brought the coffee and had a decent ice cream base to boot.

Plus, the wrapper was also a nice light tan color and coffee flavored. I love that about Mikawaya mochi. I was fortunate to have a coffee ice cream lover as a Guinea Pig and when I asked her what she would rate these she decided without hesitation that she would give Mikawaya mochi (coffee) a good solid 4 pea rating. Me? I’d say that on a personal level, 4 peas is a bit much. On a JSFR level the coffee mochi’s ice cream was every bit as good if not a titch better than the strawberry mochi’s ice cream and coffee mochi stayed true to its flavor. The strawberry wound up with a 3.5 pea rating, being docked a half pea point for tasting more like a strawberry shake than strawberry ice cream, so I really have no professional quibbles with granting Mikawaya mochi (coffee) a much deserved

Rating: 4 wasabi peas out of 5.

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