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Hello and welcome to what a lot of you purists are thinking must have turned into the Korean Snack Food Review. Eh, perhaps I should have named this whole endeavor the Asian Snack Food Review way back when, but I didn’t. Plus Japanese Snack Food Review has a much bee-boppier ring to it although ASFR looks like it could almost be a word. How would you say that? Assfer? OoooKay then, I see now why I stuck with Japanese.

However I don’t necessarily limit myself to only Japanese and this week is another prime example of going off culture at the JSFR. Junkies, let me introduce to you Orion’s little mushroom hat things. If these look vaguely familiar, that’s because Meiji has a snack called Kinoko No Yama which made an appearance at the JSFR back in May of aught five. I love it when I find the same thing as interpreted by another company, even another culture.

Orion also has the incredibly cute Emoticon Candies which I reviewed late last month and I have to say…the emoticon candies’ kawaii give them a slight edge on their mushroom hat cousins. The chocolate is about the same in both candies; namely a decent, serviceable chocolate but nothing I’d write a passionate poem about. I’ve had better and I’ve also had worse.

I’m still rather amused by the haphazard stick placement. Where as Meiji was pretty good about getting the little Ritz-y grahamesque stick at least somewhat close to vertical, Orion seems to simply plop the stick in and call it good. Thus every so often you get a face plant emoticon candy or in this case, a mushroom hat that appears to be trying to look behind itself. Heh. My OCD personality bits prefer the more unified stick sticking because I like the chocolate hat to be more or less lined up with the stick and my mouth. However, the part of my brain that is easily amused giggles whenever one of the more esoteric mushroom hats come up. I can imagine the little mushroom hat looking back all, “Hey. Wait, what’s going on back there? What…aieeeee!”

Sadly, Orion’s mushroom hats don’t seem to have the same very tasty stick that the emoticon candies had. That’s unfortunate because those were really tasty sticks. I think in general, Meiji does the mushroom hats better but Orion does manage to get the job accomplished. I’d go for the Meiji snacks over the Orion snacks if given a choice but if both aren’t there, or Meiji is far more expensive, Orion will do you just fine.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas of out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.


  1. Eric said,

    November 20, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    I have been tying to find a place to buy Choco Boy mushroom cookie. My wife and I had them while in Russia. I would ove to find a place to buy them online or in the United States. If anyone has an idea on where I can get these, please email me eric@fatrabbitdesign.com

  2. Carol said,

    April 27, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    These are Korean not Japanese- I like them!

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