White Rabbit Red Bean Creamy Candies

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Hey JSFR peeps, I found you a new flavor of White Rabbit candies and one that wasn’t mentioned in the comments discussion: Red Bean. Now I like me some red bean paste but I wasn’t so sure about red bean flavored taffy. Buuuuuut I’ll try most anything once so when I went off to the Wednesday game I grabbed my newest bag of candy to share with everyone. Spreading the JSF joy one gaming group at a time.

Sadly, there was not much joy to be had with the red bean candies. They are the same sort of stiff taffy/tootsie roll type candy with the outer rice paper wrapper but whereas the vanilla were akin to tasty vanilla tootsie rolls, these were…not. The flavor was indeed red bean paste-ish but there was also a little something extra. Something…not quite right. A sort of sneaky hide-in-the-nasal-passage sort of disappointing flavor which made the whole experience kinda underwhelming.

One of the Pigs described the flavor as “like you went to make red bean flavored caramel but instead of making the caramel and then flavoring it, you threw in the bean flavoring in first and then cooked it all down”. For me, that translated into “the flavoring tastes old” and…yeah, it does. The red bean Rabbits are also not as sweet as the vanilla Rabbits, which I can’t tell if that’s a plus or a minus here. It is nice to munch on something that is not overpowering sweety-sweet but would a little bit more sugar have helped in this case? I’m not convinced it would have but you never know.

One Pig really liked White Rabbit Red Bean candies, rating them a 3.5, another went with a solid middle of the road 3, yet another – who is a big red bean fan – really wasn’t thrilled at all by them while David the Muppet King gave them a vociferous 2 pea rating. On the whole, I think red bean Rabbits performed below the average JSF eatable median despite the positive response of two of my Pigs.

To quote my red bean lover Pig, “I’d maybe munch on these if they were around, but I wouldn’t walk from the living room to the kitchen to get one” which to me sums the experience up succinctly enough to grant White Rabbit Red Bean a

rating of 2.5 wasabi peas of out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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