Bakery Flat Style Melon Pretz

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Was the world critically bereft of melon flavored Pretz before this? I mean…melon? That’s not the first flavor I’d come up with if I were in charge of the New Pretz Flavors Department. Then again, I am not Japanese and they do seem to have quite a lot of melon flavored whatever floating around so I suppose it was only a matter of time. And here we are: Melon.

At first I was vastly skeptical about melon Pretz because melon as a flavoring doesn’t have a really good track record. So with much bracing, I bit into a melon Pretz and…huh. Not so bad really. The melon is a good decent fruity melon flavor without being overly fruity sweet. There’s also a buttery Pretz flavor hanging around which is a little weird in combination with the fruity. However, the more I ate of these Pretz, the more I liked them.

One of my Guinea Pigs had a really similar reaction but went further to say, “What really got me was the buttery taste. Who puts butter with melons? But then I had another, and another, and it started to seem like a decent idea. I blame it on mind-controlling food additives, but now it makes me think of a little breakfast plate with a buttered roll and a wedge of melon.” ExACTly! These are like eating a crispity breakfast plate of roll and melon wedge.

I also noted the new stylings of the flat Pretz. Glico seems to have regrouped the flat Pretz into an official type of Pretz now: Bakery Style. I’m not sure if they will repackage the other flat Pretz this way or faze them out in favor of some new flat Pretz flavor. I’m not even sure the old flat Pretz can be considered Bakery Flat Pretz because the crunchity of the Bakery Flat Pretz (melon) is a little lighter and flakier than your standard Pretz crunchity. Obviously I need to explore more Bakery Flat Style to see if the flakiness is a melon anomaly or standard Flat crunchity. Mmmmmm.

Heh. Technically, food salt is inorganic so yay! I don’t have enough Chemistry background to know if there even exists an organic salt (although I suppose there might be given an acid/base reaction with some sort of something carbony) but “inorganic salt” made me giggle.

I’m not sure Bakery Flat Style melon Pretz is a 4 pea Pretz but it certainly is a very tasty 3.5 pea Pretz. Even a 3.75 pea Pretz if I went that small with the ratings but I don’t. You might and you can, but I’m going to have to stay with a very, very enthusiastic

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Debby said,

    September 16, 2008 at 10:10 am

    I really liked these! They tasted just like those fun little melon bread pastries on the box, only in cracker form. Of course, they can never be as good as melon bread, because nothing beats sweet bread on the inside, sugar cookie coating on the outside.

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