Salt Butter Pretz

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I swear to you that August isn’t going to be the Pretz/Pocky month even though there might still be more Pretz and Pocky on the way. I blame reader Bailey for one of the upcoming Pocky (I found Dessert Pocky!) and Guinea Pig Badmovie for two of the Pretz. The rest is all me.

I mean, check out the new packaging! First of all, I love, love, LOVE the swirly exploding Pretz coming right at you on the package. It’s even got little broken off Pretz bits to let you know that there will be crunch. There is, as usual, because we’re talking Pretz here. It’s a nice sound crunchity crunch. However, the thing that drew me to the packaging is that keen diamond rippling along the edge. That’s fantastic! I have no idea why they are doing it but I’ve been squee about it ever since. I like the new package redesign.

I don’t particularly like the “all in one package” though. I’ve said my piece about that already so I’ll grump my way to something else. Specifically, the taste of Salt Butter Pretz. They certainly do smell buttery and they taste buttery but it’s more of a liquid butter than a pat or stick of butter. We’ve had buttery Pretz before in Hokkaido Pretz but I think, if I remember right, the buttery was more of “stick of butter” buttery and not “liquid pour on pop corn” butter. Although the ingredients of Salt Butter Pretz do say that it contains actual butter so I can’t knock them for that. Well, not much. Perhaps the problem is that vegetable fat is higher up on the ingredients list so maybe the delicious buttery butter is being corrupted by the not so buttery vegetable fat?

My Guinea Pigs and I were also not super enamored with the salty of the Salt Butter. It’s a good, solid salt taste but it’s not a prominent salt taste. Basically, this Pretz has a good, solid salt snack salting – which is delicious – but it’s not a salting that I’d particularly call attention to in the name. We expected quite a bit more salty, given that they are Salt Butter Pretz but at least they are decently salt snack salty. Maybe the western palate is used to more salt and these are enormously salty to an Asian tongue. *shrug* I’ll not knock pea points off for that because they did indeed have salt as the name implied.

I think my Pigs and I came to the conclusion that these are tasty Pretz but not spectacular Pretz (one commented that she would be more than willing to walk from the living room to the kitchen to eat them, but not so willing to get in the car and go to the store to buy them). They are worth munching on unless you happen on some of the tastier Pretz so I think I’ll leave these with a slightly tastier than average

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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