Marble Pocky (caramel chocolat)

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Heh, I guess this weekend is Pocky weekend despite my reassurances that the JSFR has not turned into the all Pocky all Pretz review. This weekend is also Pocky Noir weekend apparently. My Favorite Guinea Pig was manning the camera and went with a noir feel for these next few JSFR items. She was chocolate from her tip down to the last bit of her stick, but I could see that she carried that stick with an air of sultry danger.

Hee. Noir Pocky. Anyway! This is the second installment of Marble Pocky, the first being just a tad ago (and Rum Raisin flavored) and while I prefer the taste of Marbled Caramel Chocolate, I gotta say the Rum Raisin had it going on with the visual appeal. It wore that coat like a second skin.

I’m rapidly running out of pulp novel clichés so let’s just segue to the review. Both Marble Pockies had a cocoa-y stick, which I think favored the Rum Raisin more. This Pocky is cocoa on cocoa on cocoa which…well, it does make it chocolaty. In fact, we first noted the chocolaty when we opened them up and POW! Chocolate olfactory onslaught right to the nose. It’s a nice fudgy chocolate smell and a delicious chocolate frosting taste. If you could get fudge and some canned chocolate frosting to have offspring, it would totally be this Pocky. Well, OK you would have to add a cocoa stick as well to get the full Pocky experience but still. Delicious fudgy chocolate frosting…YUM!

However, what about the caramel? I can’t say as the caramel stands up well to the awesome fudgy-ness of the chocolate-chocolate-chocolate trio (dip, design and stick). In fact, I was a bit surprised when I started writing this review to learn I was supposed to be talking about caramel chocolate. Errr…well…maybe? Once you think through the chocolate there is a hint of…caramelly lurking about. I’m not so sure I’d top bill the caramel but indeed, if you think on it there could be delicious caramel hanging out with the CHOCLATE AWESOMENESS.

This was another hard snack to judge. The Guinea Pigs and I couldn’t decide between a 3.5 pea or a 4 pea rating but we all agreed that the Caramel Chocolate Marble Pocky was better than the Dessert Chocolate Orange Pocky of yesterday. So in reverse, I’ll give the Marble Caramel Chocolate Pocky a just squeaked in under the wire

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas. However, Caramel Chocolate Marble Pocky probably had to do a lot of extra credit to get that 4 pea rating.


  1. Bailey said,

    September 15, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    You have officially reviewed all of the Pocky my local Asian Foodmart sells. They still have random tasty snacks though, such as Fish Wafers (Strawberry!).

  2. Boo said,

    September 18, 2008 at 9:25 am

    OK…what exactly is “Fish Wafers (Strawberry!)”? Please, please, PLEASE let it be fish shaped strawberry cookies or something like that and not fish cake crackers which are ALSO flavored strawberry.

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